The other night, we went out after work for a combination “Andy’s going to Florida and we won’t see him for six days” and “Andy’s birthday is two weeks from now” celebration. Guess whose idea that was? So we ended up going to pretty much the greatest dive bar in the Faneuil area — HONG KONG. I spend far too much time there.

It was a good time — Andy and I sang “Ghostbusters” (it’s a much better karaoke song in theory than in practice), we ate some awesome meat on a stick, and I later spent a long time wandering the financial district alone in the middle of the night because I forgot just where I pahked the cah. Do not recommend doing that. Ever.

The group, sauf moi: Jackie, Will, Crystal and Andy.

Andy and me: we would be bringing sexy back, if it had ever left in the first place.

Crazy shot!