Okay, so it wasn’t as competitive as our past outings, and we didn’t even have teams, but our scavenger hunts always result in great Facebook pictures!

Yoga on the Reading Common!

Lisa and Amy show their flexibility.

That’s Beth’s downward facing dog….you know how she likes it!

3/4 Brood — Lisa and Beth lift me, Reading Cheerleading-style, only without all the falls during pep rallies.

Our lovely town. Remember WAY back when the sign wasn’t even black and white?

Beth walks up to the drive-up only ATM and Lisa and I serve as her nondescript accomplices.

Bananas from Atlantic….no longer 69 cents a pound, to our dismay.

Riding around in the cart as we hide in the least-traveled aisle of the store.

Beth insisted on posing with the penguin wine.

There’s a bullet hole in the window of Bagel World!!!! I wouldn’t expect anything less from a town like Reading!!