I went to Fairfield for the day on Saturday for the Glee Club’s Christmas concert. This was the first time I’d been to a concert since graduating — and surprisingly, it wasn’t weird at all.

The music was great. I particularly loved the Huron Carol — not because of the bells in particular, but I just loved that song so much — beautiful. I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t sung in Algonquin — that would have been a new language for the group, at least since I was a freshman! And I knew that there had to be at least one song that I had sung in the past, and it was there — Caroling, Caroling. I can’t remember what year I sang it — it wasn’t last year, and since I was in Florence during the junior year Christmas concert, it had to be either freshman or sophomore year. Maybe freshman year.

And yes, for the first time, I joined the group on stage with my fellow alumni to sing Night of Silence. Nothing strange, or weird, or unnatural — just standing on stage in my usual spot, remember to enunciate each S in “roses, sleeping” and not breathing between “winter of life” and “on breath you enfold us,” I believe, or whatever the lines are there. I never quite got the hang of the words, but the music is permanently ingrained in my brain.

It was great getting to see a bunch of my friends, and after the concert, I went up to James and Mike’s apartment and hung out with them and their roommates until James got a call from Dee, asking if we were coming to Senior Mug Night.

And I went.

And I had my dollar draft, and a few slices of free pizza, and got to see even MORE of my friends — Julie didn’t even realize I was sitting at her table until a few minutes after she arrived, and she immediately jumped up and gave me a hug!

Man, Senior Mug Night….that was weird. Not as crazy as the first Senior Mug Night of my senior year, with the line at the bar being 10-deep, but I kept feeling this weird feeling in my stomach that I definitely should not have been there, so I didn’t overstay. I left after about an hour and went home.

But it was nice. A very nice day at Fairfield.

And if any FUers want to come to Boston, you know who to call!