So last night after work, a few of us decided to go out. Or a bunch of us decided to go out and it only ended up being a few of us. Lauren is a self-proclaimed dating guru, and she gave me so much advice. I love how a friend can just say a few words, and suddenly it hits you perfectly.

You know, going off on a tangent here, but I just watched Something’s Gotta Give and that movie is AWESOME! I should really put it in my favorites list. I feel like I relate to every single character in that movie — mostly Diane Keaton, but I try to keep all of that hidden on the inside! And Jack Nicholson’s character is quite similar to the persona of the International Pimpette….at this time, though, I’m probably most similar to Amanda Peet’s character. And Diane Keaton, but not officially. 😉

Anyways, after a while, Gader showed up, and so did Lauren’s friend Joe. And we took pictures.

Joe, me, Lauren and Gader (whose first name is Brian)

The dating guru and me

Me with the founder of the Crazy Beard Club

There was great live music, there was dancing, and there was a group of people from a real estate law firm having their annual party. They had been drinking since 4:30 PM, and you could tell.

Originally, Lauren and I were going to walk to the T and I was going to drive her home to Chelsea from Wellington — and then Joe offered to drive us. Even better. And then when we got up to leave, we found out his car got towed.

You cannot park ANYWHERE in South Boston.

So we got in a cab, made some calls, and he found out it was at an impound in a random part of Southie — we found it and he paid $110.00, and then drove me back to Wellington. Heh. Now that I think about it, I’m realizing that that story took absolutely no time at all to tell. It seemed like it would take a lot more. Hmmm.

The moral of the story: do NOT park in South Boston unless you’re paying an exhorbitant amount of money, because you WILL get TOWED!! And it’s expensive, and you need the money in CASH!!

A night to remember.