Every now and then, I fall completely, head-over-heels in love with a song. Usually it flares out quickly, and I end up stuck with a random song at the top of my iTunes “Top 25 Most Played” list and hating it. Sometimes the song loses its hold over me and becomes one that I like only on occasion.

But, for the first time, a song has come out that, even after months, causes me to close my eyes and tremble and just drink in the song as much as I can. It is that fucking good.

That song is “Daredevil, Baby” by Van Hunt.

It’s like in Girl with a Pearl Earring, when Griet looks at the painting of herself, and says quietly, “You looked inside me.” Just like that.

I absolutely love Van Hunt, and I’m always telling people how much I love his music. He truly is the most innovative musician working today, and he’s doing UNBELIEVABLE things for R&B. The only thing is that he hasn’t caught on. Not aside from the critical acclaim — let me mention that his latest album, On the Jungle Floor, is one of People magazine’s Top 10 Albums of the Year, and his self-titled first album was one in 2004! People just aren’t buying his music. People compare him to John Legend, and because he doesn’t have as good a voice, people don’t listen to him.

So please, download “Daredevil, Baby.” Preferably legally. I feel like I’m giving up a piece of myself.

I just hope that it makes you feel a fraction of the way I do.

You don’t know anything
Until you open up your heart
And find that you can’t stop bleeding
Till you’re playing with your cards
Out on the table, flying
Flying without wings
You’re a daredevil, baby