I have now officially moved into my new apartment in Somerville, just a short walk away from Davis Square.

I’m SO glad. And things have been going well so far. I just finished unpacking and organizing everything, and I don’t have a dresser at this time, so my clothes are in a complex pattern of organization amongst cartons….and hanging inside my closet, which is so huge, as Sars said, “You could charge someone rent to live in it!!” And it’s true….someone could easily and comfortably sleep on the floor.

I am carless for the next two weeks, as Sars will have the car while she’s home from school. But at least I have a red line stop that I can actually walk to this time!!

I’ll be taking pictures sometime, and posting them here. Just to show you the inside of the closet….lol. It’s pretty insane how long it is!

That’s it for now — more later.