My mom got me a Rachael Ray cookbook for Christmas: 2, 4, 6, 8: Great Meals for Couples or Groups. The book has meals with the portion sizes correct for groups of different sizes. It’s great — I’m particularly looking forward to doing the Amalfi-centered meal, featuring lemon pasta, lemon flounder filets and lemon sorbet, served with limoncello. As you can tell, I absolutely love lemons! I’m looking forward to doing a lot more cooking, and doing more cooking for my friends. I’m sure there’s a specialty besides my famous chicken picatta trying to burst out of me!

Anyways, there’s a meal entitled Firehouse Special, for 6, which is smoky bacon and bean salad, three-alarm Italian-style Chili Mac, and pistachio ice cream (store-bought). The description is Rachael Ray, but I swear — she is channeling one of my best friends, Lisa! Lisa loves fireman (or any other man in uniform) and this is written EXACTLY like Lisa would write it! Here it is:

Firemen are HOT! There’s something about any man in a uniform, it’s true, but firemen — wow! They carry big, heavy axes, not guns. They have that smoky, battle-worn gear — and look so strong and sexy. They know how to tame a wild hose and, best of all, they know how to cook! They’re all locked up together around the clock when they’re on duty, so they know their way around a flaming stovetop better than most. Keep those pots hot, gentlemen. This one’s for you! If you’ll excuse me, I think I need a tall drink of cold water now.

I’m sure you won’t appreciate it if you don’t know Lisa….but seriously, down to the tall drink of cold water, this is 100% her. Lisa, are you doing some freelance writing on the side?!