There is an issue of Ladies’ Home Journal that has taken up personal residence in the 5th floor break room at work, and because it’s usually the only piece of reading material around, save the occasional Redbook or OK! from August, I read it from time to time.

First of all, if there’s anything that makes me dread middle age, it’s Ladies’ Home Journal. It seems like all these women do is get fat, have marriage problems and cook for their picky families. Gag me. (Give me More magazine, the magazine for women over forty, any day of the week — and DON’T KNOCK IT until you’ve read an issue!! Reading it makes me think I can take over the world once I hit forty!!)

But what make me so incredulous was this article about weight loss. There was a woman who has shred something like 150 lbs. through a religious weight loss program. Ick. She said she didn’t diet or restrict foods or anything — she was just thinking about Jesus all the time.

What made me mad?

She was 5’4″ and 150 lbs.

And claimed to be a size 6.

NOT TRUE!!!! I am 5’4″ myself, I weigh between 125 and 130, and I’m between a size 6 and size 8!! There is NO WAY she is a size 6 if she weighs that much.

Kirstie Alley is obviously lying about her weight as well. She’s lost it, sure, but she’s not in the 160s, where she claims she is. And 220 was definitely not her heaviest.

And each year when People’s Half Their Size issue comes out, EVERY woman in it says she’s a size 8. I have my copy here, and I’ll bet you that nearly all of them are. Okay. Opening it up.

Well. Just four, really.

#1: Size 8. 5’8″, 158 lbs.
#2: Size 8-10. 5’8″, 152 lbs.
#3: Size 9 (whatever that is). 135 lbs. (no height given)
#4: Size 8. 5’7″, 165 lbs.

I do believe #3, except for the fact that her size does not exist.

I mean, do so many people think we’re stupid? This issue wasn’t as bad as some of the Peoples in the past. Someone actually wrote in that she really didn’t believe that a diverse group of women, from short and 120 lbs. to in the 180s, were all really a size 8. They’ll trick you. But not anymore.