This is a ridiculous post, but I’m so proud of all I accomplished on my day off.

After sleeping until noon, I:

–picked up my prescriptions in Reading
–changed my address at the DMV
–got my car inspected
–met up with Sars for sushi
–bought some HOTT boots at Nine West
–went grocery shopping and RESISTED the urge to buy anything unhealthy
–cleaned my room
–did laundry
–washed my sheets
–cleaned my blankets
–made my bed up BEAUTIFULLY

I realized while I was shopping that I’ve been eating hardly any vegetables lately. I’m usually good about that, but my schedule does not make it easy. So I bought some V8. That’s supposed to be just as good, if not better! But I’m now starting to regret WILLING myself not to buy ice cream or cookies or especially Double Stuf Oreos….I could use some of that now. I’m eating turkey pepperoni, sliced turkey, and will get myself a glass of vanilla soymilk.

It’s delicious, and I’m not kidding.

Watching Beauty and the Geek on Youtube, then bed.