Finally, here are the pictures from my new apartment in Somerville! Of course, it’s nothing compared to the real thing….so if you’re in town, stop on by!

My bed that I ADORE — it took so much effort to get it up the tiny staircase.

My desk area, complete with an amount of books that make me look like a total intellectual ass….

My incredibly huge closet, viewed from the doorway. It’s about 12 feet long or so.

The closet from the other end.


Living room…..

Dining room, complete with spare bed. Love the doorways in this place!

The awful staircase. Even with a split box spring, it is EXTREMELY difficult to get a queen-sized bed up one of these!

The view from my bed. Check out how the TV is standing. It’s still like that, and it has shown no signs of falling yet.