Today was really, REALLY bad….not nearly as bad as it COULD have been….but it sucked.

First of all, our apartment is without heat.

It’s freezing — and trying to sleep last night was awful, even wrapped in fleeces and extra blankets UNDER the sheets.

It will be fixed tomorrow morning.

Next, I mixed up my doctor and dentist appointments — thankfully got to the doctor’s on time, by 10:15. Early day for a girl who usually sleeps through the first segment of Hot Topics on the View.

I got a tetanus shot (hehehe….tet….anus), which you apparently have to get every ten years, and it doesn’t hurt too much when you get it, but it’s REALLY sore for a few days after. It’s kicked in. I can’t raise my arm.

I made so many strides in getting my insurance switched over so I can actually get a parking permit for Somerville. I finished the quote-by-phone at 3:30 (AND my workplace gives a discount!!), and then the lady I talked to on the phone told me that I could pick it up right away. I ZOOMED all the way up to Danvers in the rush hour traffic.

I got there, and the lady told me that I needed a title with my mom signing over the car to me.

I was furious. I drove so fucking far, ended up on Route 1 South somehow (and you know how hard it is to turn around on that street), and it all ended up being for nothing.

At least the lady took down the other lady’s number and will have her manager reprimand her!!!

I got back just in time to do my dishes and run off to the T.

I left my new Charlie Card at home and had to pay $4.00 for two trips.

And then the train got stuck near Central for five minutes.

I was late to meet Dad and Sars. We did go and have a really great dinner at Rock Bottom, right behind my sister’s dorm, complete with some fantastic beer and some “cheesecake with beer in it.” I forgot to bring my W2s for my dad to do my taxes.

I decided to catch The Good Shepherd on the way back, since I’ve wanted to see it for a while. Now, normally I tend to like really good films that are difficult, but this one SUCKED. I couldn’t stand it. It was so slow, so long, and MATT DAMON KEPT THE SAME FUCKING EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE THE ENTIRE TIME.

I came back to a cold apartment, and am now shivering and shrouded in fleeces as I write this and drink a cup of raspberry tea.

I’m not a pessimistic person. I’m usually the complete opposite. But today really, really got me down.