I keep meaning to post the quotes that I keep hearing lately, but I forget to put them up….here they are, beginning with two gems from today:

Curran (to a client on the phone): “How are you doing today?….Me, not so good. I just ate a ton of sunflower seeds and my stomach hates me….yeah, I eat the shells, too….”

Andrew (to the IT guy): “Um, just so you know, I accidentally clicked on a gay porn site yesterday….you know….in case it shows up on your screen today or something….”

Eddie: “Yeah, I gotta go cause I just ate a whole pie and I’m feeling kinda sleepy….”

Sars: “Papa John is a childless bachelor.”

Me (looking for leather shops for a client): “Look, this one’s a fetish store.”
Mike: “Maybe your guy wants to flagellate himself.”
Me: “Flagellate….sounds like flatulate.”
(long pause)
Mike and me: “Mehehehehehehehehehe” (Peter Griffin laugh)

(Probably the least funny reading it afterwards, but was, by far, the funniest at the time!)