It is absolutely freezing out, and yesterday, I had the worst two walks of my life. First of all, walking from my apartment to Davis, none of the sidewalks had been shoveled and none of the roads had been plowed, so I just walked through the tire tracks left by previous cars. And then cars going down the street started honking at me! Who does that?!

It wasn’t so bad getting to Davis, but getting to work from South Station — oh, my God. It was raining so hard by then, and it was so windy, so I had my umbrella up, but it literally pushed it all the way out (not a completely unheard-of occurance) but then I suddenly COULDN’T MOVE. I was standing against a building, but the wind was STILL so bad that I didn’t have the physical strength to turn my body around into the other direction. After that, I gave up on the umbrella.

And then I had the Summer Street Bridge.

Rain. Wind. It was like my sister’s rap alter-ego’s paradise. (She goes by Tha Noreastah, and her catchphrases are “High winds! Hailstorms! SNOW!” I’m Heavy K and my motto is “Y’all gon’ eat that?”)

Anyways, by the time I showed up, my boots were full of water (still wearing high heels, because that’s who I am), my hair was completely matted to my head, my suede coat was soaked through, and there was charcoal-gray eyeliner and black mascara all over my face.

I padded around the office in my socks for the rest of the day, and that was actually quite nice.

Enough of that, though. I’ve done absolutely nothing of value today except sleep late, watch TV, read, and continue to plan my RTW (round the world) trip. I can’t stop thinking about it for even one moment!!

I did finish The Drifters, by James A. Michener, which ended in a way that I really didn’t expect it to end. I’ve been reading it forever — ten pages at a time on each ride on the T from home to work, and it’s a 768-page book. My mom loves his books and gave it to me because it’s about a bunch of young people who travel the world in 1969 and 1970. There’s a Vietnam draft dodger, an adventurous Norwegian girl, an Israeli war hero, and more — and they’re all younger than me. It was a great read. They travel to Torremolinos, Spain; Algarve, Portugal; Pamplona, Spain; much of Mozambique, and Marrakech.

I can see myself doing a lot of work around the world, in the middle of my travels, to finance my journey so it can go on as long as possible.

Okay — quick interruption — I’m watching The Insider, and apparently there’s going to be a special about a very special nine-year-old girl named “Brave Jessica” — who is so fat she can’t get off the ground!!!! Ahahahahahahahaha….I’m going to hell….

Oh my God, Howard K. Fucking Stern did NOT sell them video coverage of him rocking the baby and crying and saying, “Mama’s not going to be here anymore….she loved you so much….” That man is a fuck.

He is so going to be found responsible for her death….it’s only a matter of time. Ugh. What a skeevy human being.

I’ve been thinking a lot more about Spain lately. I’ve really never had the desire to go there, but after reading The Drifters and learning about the Camino de Santiago, I don’t see how I can’t go.

Oh my God, I love shows about really, really fat people!! This is hilarious. There’s a thousand-pound man on Entertainment Tonight next!

I think I’m going to make myself some food now….I do miss cooking….but I really don’t feel like doing anything else….

In the meantime, I discovered a great new site, TravellersPoint, that lets you chart your travels through maps. I’ll be posting once I add most of my trips. So far I’ve done my semester abroad, my graduation trip and Gleetalia. There are plenty more to go, both in the US and Europe. Definitely check it out — it’s cool.