This is really random, but something made me smile today.

I’ve been part of the Thorn Tree community at Lonely Planet, but I’ve since learned that the BootsnAll community is more in-depth and better (they give you titles based on how long you’ve been a member, and one of them is “Thorn Tree Refugee”). So I joined, and even after I verify my email address, I learn that I can’t post anything until I get my profile further verified by one of the two owners.

Hmm. That’s kind of weird, I thought.

So, eighteen hours later or so, I get an email from one of the owners — and it’s personalized. Here it is:

G’Day Kate,

You recently applied for membership with BootsnAll Travel Forums. Your membership was approved.

Welcome! First off, I’m envious any time I hear someone studied in Italy… It’s my dream to live there, and until I get there I’m just envious of people who have! 🙂

For your upcoming trip, here’s our RTW Travel Guide: – you can research destinations, plan & budget, book airfare & accommodations – even start your own travel blog! You can also chat with other RTW trippers here:

Anyway, thanks for your application. Congratulations!

Jessie Spiegel
Community Manager
BootsnAll Travel Network

Okay, you might think it’s weird that I really like that, but I do! That’s nice, you know that?