Just when you thought she couldn’t get any worse, she goes and does something like this.

Last night, Britney Spears paid a visit to a salon in Los Angeles, where she decided to shave her head. She did the shaving herself.

Later that night, she visited a tattoo parlor in Sherman Oaks, where she got red and pink lips inked on her wrist and a black, white and pink cross on her lower hip, a region that she is demonstrating below.

Britney is no stranger to tattoos — off the top of my head, she also has a blue fairy on her lower back, pink dice on her wrist (that she got with K-Fed, then may have had covered up), something right on her crotch, the Japanese characters that she wanted to read “mysterious” but ended up reading “strange,” the Kaballah letters on the back of her neck, and many more.

According to Emily Wynne-Hughes, an employee at the tattoo parlor, as told to US Weekly, “She wasn’t making sense at all and you could tell she’s not in a good place at all, and that she is totally freaking out….She was a nightmare to deal with. She was screaming and flipping out from the pain and wiggling her body all around.”

At one point during Britney’s one-hour visit, Hughes asked Britney why there was a pink stain on her fluffy white handbag and Britney said she had “spilled Nyquil all over it.”

When asked why she shaved her head, Hughes says Britney replied, “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everybody touching me.”

Now, I am no longer someone who will jump up and defend Britney (see “Very Open Letters”), but I can actually understand a bit how she feels….now and then, when I feel myself slipping into a sad mood, I sometimes just feel like driving up to a tattoo parlor and getting something pierced. Like my tongue. I’ve been thinking tongue a lot lately. But no more tattoos — until my year around the world, at least.

The thing is, Britney needs to learn that you don’t act on every temptation you have!

Britney continues to unravel before our very eyes. Last week, she arrived at Tenjune in New York wearing a disgustingly tiny red minidress, then decided she didn’t like it and took it off, put on some dancers’ fishnets and USED BIKINI BOTTOMS (beyond disgusting) and danced around in that and a waiter’s white jacket for the rest of the night.

That night, there was also a picture of a puddle of vomit that she left in her SUV before she continued to party.

Rumor has it that Britney has been sucking on lollipops a lot lately, a sign that she may be taking ecstasy on a regular basis. She also has been said to be making frequent trips to bathrooms during her club visits, presumably to do drugs, and having all these sexcapades with other girls.

It’s gotten so bad that her former assistant, Felicia Culotta, said this:

“There’s just so much you can do to help a person….I cannot convince her in ANY way to love herself….I cannot save her from herself, nor can I commit her to any type of treatment program against her wishes and will. I am throwing my hands up and realizing that I am helpless over another.”

So what did Britney say?

“If I were you I’d be unhappy too if I had to read what I’ve been reading every day. But trust me, I get it. I know I’ve been far from perfect and the media has had a lot of fun exaggerating my every move.”

She’s clearly spiraling down to rock bottom, fast. And she won’t spiral until she hits it — and even though I’m no longer a Britney fan, I really wouldn’t want to see her OD. And it’s so sad, because she has THOSE TWO LITTLE BABIES, one of whom is only FIVE MONTHS OLD.

Oh my God, if K-Fed gets custody, it will be so juicy….

But seriously. If there is any chance that Britney has a family member out there who comes across this entry, you NEED TO GET HER HELP. She needs to be committed to some kind of facility, now. And for longer than just a few hours, like that facility she was at in Antigua the other day. God, she’s ridiculous — she checked into a rehab facility and checked out a few hours later!! She needs to go back, and do it for her kids’ sake.

I remember a letter that someone wrote to People back when Britney got pregnant the first time, saying something along the lines of, “Oh, so Britney is going to try out a baby, just like she’s trying out marriage. I hope she realizes that a baby isn’t something that you just try out.” Back in the day, I could see where that reader was coming from, but I didn’t think it would actually pan out like that — I just figured Britney would learn to buckle down and regret having kids so young but would do the responsibility thing.

And was I ever wrong….

Please, Britney, get help.

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