Nobody really likes to look at their friends’ pictures of scenery, anywhere, no matter how beautiful it is — well, nothing beyond a quick “Wow, that’s nice,” and promptly forgetting about it. Here are just a few of my scenery pictures to give you the essence of beautiful Québec.

Ice skating near the entrance to Vieux-Québec

One of many buildings on a hill

A very charmante area in Vieux-Québec

Some lovely hilly streets

And even more!

I’m pretty sure that this is a government building.

Château Frontenac, which is the most recognizable monument of the city. It’s on about 75% of the postcards.

A boat chugs through ice on the St. Lawrence

A building with a clock on it — I loved that I fully learned each and every building’s name….

The view of Vieux-Québec, with the Château Frontenac on the right, from the revolving restaurant

I loved this — someone wrote OUI in the snow!

I loved these houses and had to take a picture of them. Aren’t they adorable?

The Basse-Ville of Vieux-Québec at night

Kind of blurry, but that’s the Château at night, through the snow.