I first read about l’Hotel de Glace, the Ice Hotel, a few years ago in Jane magazine. Upon remembering that it was only about half an hour from Québec, I immediately decided that we HAD to go! And Mike, James and I did on Sunday. Here are the pictures. Also, my camera broke after the last picture was taken. It fell off the ice counter at the ice bar.

The view of the hotel from the parking lot: it just looked like a mound of snow!

The grand entrance

This is what you see when you first walk in. The architecture changes each year, and the hotel is melted down on April 1 of each year. Not quite sure when it opens.

James has a seat on an ice chair and realizes that it’s not exactly toasty!

I try to get warm by the fake fire. That’s a reindeer pelt on the chair. They were SO thick and soft, and I was really hoping they were selling them in the gift shop, but to no avail. I definitely would have bought one.

Glass chandelier

There was even an ice slide for kids to go down!

Many rooms were themed, while others were plain. This is the Viva la Musica room — I liked, of course!

IGLOO!!!!! 😀

This was one of my favorite rooms — I loved the branches embedded in the ice. The bed is behind the wall with the branches, giving you some privacy.

Lounging amongst reindeer pelts in what is, by far, the most luxurious bed at l’hotel!

The chapel — and one of the most ADORABLE little girls I’ve ever seen. She was a roly-poly three-year-old, in a tiny suede coat, and she was eating chocolate and staring at me the whole time!

THE BAR!! Mike and I got drinks, of course. The glasses were giant cubes of ice with holes carved in them. Fantastic.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend a visit there, albeit a short one, it’s really not an all-day activity. We were there about an hour, an hour and a half or so. For the people who actually STAY in the hotel — God, they deserve medals!! If you do go, I would recommend wearing REALLY thick and warm boots and socks — all three of us agreed that our toes were freezing. We actually had to go outside to thaw! You can learn more about l’Hotel de Glace here.