I had the best time in Québec with my friends, especially with Mike and James — I love those guys so much. We were the Trifecta and had our own group on Facebook (until James decided that it might impede his career prospects if he was one of the founding members of “The Trifecta Gave Me Beer and Told Me It Was Juicy Juice”). Last year was just incredible, all the good times we had, especially at the guys’ townhouse. The guys are seniors at Fairfield this year, and the trip was going to be during the first part of their spring break.

I found out about this trip the Thursday beforehand, when James started texting me while I was at the bar and inviting me to come to Montréal with them! Montréal turned into Québec a few days later, since Brian and Steve were going there as well. I asked for the time off and got it granted — so I was good to go!!

After a mostly uneventful drive (and Mike did it all the way from Fairfield to Québec, stopping in Boston to pick me up — VERY impressive), we arrived and checked in at the Best Western. (Would recommend it — great location, reasonably priced.) We then asked where the nearest bar was, and ended up at Boudoir, a bedroom-themed lounge-type club with a relaxed setting upstairs and a dance floor downstairs. Everyone there was really attractive, especially the bartender (a girl, but she was HOTT, as was every other bartender in the city!!), and the crowd was pretty evenly mixed in terms of gay and straight.

Here’s me and Mike on the first night.

Mike and James — these two have been roommates since their freshman year and were upset when they moved to the apartments and wouldn’t be sharing a bedroom anymore!

James and me, cruisazy as always

The next day, we woke up and walked to Vieux-Québec, which is depicted in the scenery pictures in an earlier entry. What a beautiful, beautiful (and fun!) area. We had some delicious crêpes at a Breton crêperie where the waitresses were dressed up in traditional clothing, then walked around and did a little shopping. I bought a Québec flag for my cube at work.

We then walked down to the bank of the river and discovered a tobogganning slide down a hill. It reminded me of Geronimo at Water Country, only with a sled. It was only $2.00 CAD per ride. Mike and I went first!

It was really fun — but near the bottom of the hill, it got so BUMPY that my ass was being pounded and pounded like you wouldn’t believe! And I got it on video! (Sounds like my Friday night! Kidding….) Mike sat in front and I sat in the back, completely wrapped around him, as the instructor dictated. (The instructor actually hitched a ride on the back of us, and we didn’t notice. He was giving me bedroom eyes earlier. Weirdo.) Mike took the video, which I will be uploading to Youtube. Youtube is being weird with blogger lately, though, with the new format of it, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post it.

I announced to no one in particular that I wouldn’t be putting my poor backside through any of that again, so Mike and James went for another run.

After walking around some more, checking out some art, and getting a drink on top of the revolving restaurant (there were actually people from Peabody who lived at Brooksby Village up there!), we decided to head back to the hotel to see if Brian and Steve arrived. As we walked in, Brian was in the lobby!

We rested at the hotel for a bit (James found the free wireless internet, as he does WHEREVER HE GOES — it’s scary), I read for a bit, and then the five of us headed out to eat in the Basse-Ville. It took us forever to get there because few roads allow you to go all the way down, and we couldn’t find the original restaurant. We ended up eating at Le Cochin Dingue, and the food was fucking FANTASTIC. I had some of the best French onion soup that I’ve ever had, and then all five of us dug into pots of moules frites — mussels with fries. I had two pots, one with two mustards, and one flavored with smoked salmon. Fantastic.

This is a fantastic picture of James that totally epitomizes him. I’m pretty sure that his idea of heaven is a place where you can eat cheesecake and take pictures all day.

This is the only pic of the five of us: James, Brian, Steve, me and Mike.

Later that night, we were looking for a bar in the area, and it being Sunday night, we couldn’t find anything near our hotel that was open late — so after a few drinks at a sushi restaurant, we headed back to Boudoir! It was pretty different from the night before — it was all Latin music, rather than techno, and the crowd was decidedly more straight and ugly.

However, we somehow snagged this little VIP-type room that happened to be open!! It was the perfect size for us, hidden behind a curtain with a U-shaped couch, table and private bar (alas, no bartender of our own). We took pictures. James took a nap. I tried not to think about the things that people had done behind the curtain on the couch. And then we took a video of me, James and Mike performing the Family Matters theme song. I still don’t know whose idea that was — but it was FANTASTIC!! I have the video uploaded to Youtube; again, I don’t know if I can post videos here.

That’s how I roll!

I can’t describe how much I love these two dudes.

The Trifecta, together again!!

After that successful night, we headed back. We got some breakfast in the morning (just Mike, James and me since the other guys were doing Vieux-Québec on their own), then went to the Ice Hotel. Those pictures are in an earlier entry. However, on the way we passed….


After going back, we had dinner with the whole group at Le Lapin Sauté (which means the jumping rabbit, not the sautéed rabbit!!), where we had yet another delicious meal. I had escargots, lapin aux deux moutardes, and petits pots de crème for dessert. FANTASTIC. We continued to enjoy the Stella Artois promotion of having a chance to win a glass with every pint you bought, but even though one in ten supposedly won, only Mike won. And we got dozens of those coupons all weekend!

Upon returning, we went to this weird, grungy little bar across the street from our hotel, where we each had a beer and then returned to the hotel to hang out. (All weekend, we were talking about swimming in the pool in our clothes — I was so excited to do that!! — but the pool had closed early.)

After realizing that we liked it better at the bar, we headed back. I started chatting with a guy named Stéphane who started telling me about the drag scene in Québec — and that dingy, little bar, the bar that would look like a redneck bar in the States, was actually a gay bar!! The bartender wasn’t gay, but everyone else was. Who knew?! I never would have guessed that — but I did kind of get the idea when a drunken middle-aged woman named Catherine started falling all over me and saying, “T’es gorgeuse, c’est vrai,” and veering through the bar.

I kept enjoying my conversations with Stéphane and Sébastien, and they didn’t mind that I was only drinking soda as they had beers. What great conversations — half in French, half in English. Stéphane told me that I spoke French very well, and that I had a Paris accent. He was kind. My friends were hanging out at another table and Stéphane joined them, and I stayed at the bar, talking to Sébastien.

It’s funny — weeks later, I emailed both of those guys, and they emailed me back. Nice guys.

The drive back was slightly more eventful than the ride there (dude, there are SO MANY SUBWAYS IN QUEBEC!!, so we had to stop there!), particularly because we got pulled over in New Hampshire. The cop was pulling everyone over, though, and telling them to stop speeding, but it was only a warning. It was especially scary, though, because James was driving Mike’s car and Mike couldn’t find the registration — yikes! Unscathed, though.

All in all, Québec is nothing short of fantastic. I highly recommend a visit there. It’s about 6.5 hours from Boston, so it’s a doable weekend trip. You can get by without speaking French, but if you can, you should.

And I truly love, love, love my friends. I know that James and Mike are going to be my most proverbial “college buddies” — the ones you meet up with whenever you can and go crazy talking about good times and creating more good times. I love them both so much. SO much.