First of all, let me state that Lisa and I are the greatest bar duo EVER. How do we do it so well?! We always go in and OWN the place. We’re the girls people want to hang out with. We drink, but not that much; we dance, but don’t get disgusting; we flirt with guys, but never end up sucking face with them; pretty much, we just spend time trying to meet the craziest people in the bar and just hang out with them. And wherever we go, whether it’s the Burren on St. Paddy’s Day, a summer night at Sissy K’s, or joining a nearly all-male pub crawl on Boylston St., we have an awesome time.

I’m really behind on blogging. As I write this, I’m in Brownsville, Texas, where it is SO hot and humid outside (my fave kind of weather!) and I just spent a day with Beth at her school. But before I can write about my time here (and my VISIT TO SONIC!!), I have to catch up with St. Paddy’s Day.

Lisa came over around 2 or so, and since she was planning to stay over, she brought me some Gingerbread Construction Company muffins. It was a taste of Lake Quannapowitt (only without the windsurfers and toxic pollution) — I miss it! We took the red line down to meet her friends from Holy Cross in the Faneuil Hall area, and that’s when it started to look like the holiday. People were drinking in the streets, painted green, and waiting in HUGE lines at the bars, even though it was just the afternoon.

We ended up meeting the group at Boston Beer Works, had some great Irish beers (an Irish Cream Stout, which tasted just like Bailey’s, and then a green Fenway Pale Ale) and some nachos and burgers. A few of the girls left the group, and then Lisa, Carissa, Erin and I walked around the area looking for a new place to go.

After deciding not to pay a cover just then, and seeing that the line at Hurricane O’Reilly’s was so long (which is so desolate on some nights that Lisa was the lone dancer and has resorted to using the pole as her partner), we decided to go into Sports Grille and have a few drinks. The NCAA games were on, and that inspired Lisa to chant, “Go Holy Cross! Go Holy Cross!” (Yeah, I don’t think people cared.) And then she started pointing out that both teams (Vanderbilt and whomever) were tied at 69, and, well, that made everything go crazy. And then two OTHER teams were tied at 69….and Lisa went wild.

We asked for Irish car bombs and denied, then left the place shortly after. We walked through Faneuil Hall for a while and in terms of line and pricing, the Hong Kong looked to be our best bet, but who really wants to go there on St. Paddy’s? After a while, Lisa and I split away from Carissa and Erin, and we jumped on the T at Government Center (while running into my awesome coworker Mike, who went to UNH, and Lisa is a grad student at UNH now, so that was cool!), enjoyed a rendition of “Whiskey in the Jar” by the college students in the car, and then went up to Davis to go to the Burren, where I knew several of my coworker friends were spending the holiday.

The line was long, and cold, and Lisa’s shoes were filling up with water, but we made it in. (We also saw one of my coworkers get kicked out, then chased by the bouncers. Heh.) Towards the end of the wait, this guy, who was with a friend, started yelling out, “$20.00 cover?! What does that get you? A FREE HEATER!! Free heater, everyone! Come up here for the free heater!” I really can’t capture the absurdity of it, but Lisa and I were laughing like crazy and yelling back stuff like, “The one thing I want to know — is there a FREE HEATER involved?”

We got in, and I looked for my coworkers, but couldn’t find anyone. We saw the Free Heater guys in the back, so we went up to them and introduced ourselves. Their names were Jeremy and Jeremy (although Lisa thought the tall one was named Frank, for some reason, which led to some confusion — I will call him Frank here to keep things clear), and they were roommates in the navy! They were there with Shelly, who I believed was their friend’s sister, and she lives in Davis, which is why they were there. The guys immediately bought me and Lisa some beers, and we just hung out and talked. They were really, really cool guys, really hilarious. So was Shelly. I love when you meet buddies for the night at a bar!

Later on, a band started up — the Johnny Come Latelys! They were pretty good — and there is NO better music to dance to than Irish music! And when you’ve had some drinks, everyone thinks that they can Riverdance with the best of them. Lisa and I sure did — it was too bad Mrs. L wasn’t there to show us how to REALLY jig! (She has performed it, at Lisa’s graduation party and on other occasions, and it’s always a show-stopper!)

Several more of my friends showed up once they got off work, and we had a great time — my coworker Lindsey actually said that Lisa and I looked like sisters, which we don’t think is true at all, and that’s the second time in six months that somebody has said that!

Oh, as the night went on, guess what — the Jeremys and Shelly kept buying us drinks ALL NIGHT LONG, including a round of shots. Can you believe it? We offered to pay, and they wouldn’t let us. We just kept dancing around and feeling the hair of this guy who came in full green outfit, complete with giant furry wig. (He got kind of pissed off later, but come on — you show up dressed like that, expect to be groped by the whole room!) There were some random little old men around the room, too….the band was old guys, but the drummer was young and kind of cute.

At the end of the night, we hugged the Jeremys, Frank got Lisa a Guinness balloon from the wall, and we seeked out the drummer and told him how much we enjoyed the band. They really were good. I love Irish bands — they remind me of the Black 47 concerts at Fairfield, and how I always wanted to crowdsurf but never did….

We walked home, since the Burren is right in my neighborhood, and met two guys on the way home. They were at the Burren, too, and we talked about how AWESOME it was there. (It was. No better place for St. Paddy’s! I can’t wait to go out there again, too.) Then one guy goes, “So, where were you tonight?” “DUDE, WE’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THE BURREN FOR THE PAST FIVE MINUTES!!!”

We got back, we hung out, we drank some water and we went to bed. What a perfect St. Paddy’s Day. And it goes without saying that Lisa and I fucking OWNED that night!! I really wish I could describe it in better detail….anyways, that night was legendary. I can’t wait for next year.

Next post will be about the great time that I’m having down here!