After I met and danced with Vanilla Ice on Saturday night, I immediately began texting just about everyone in my phone to tell them. I was SO excited. I ended up getting a lot of texts back, and some of them are pretty funny. I’m going to start deleting them soon, but I’d like to immortalize them forever. Here we go:

Me to everyone: “Dude, i totally met and danced with vanilla ice tonight and i am not kidding – got an awesome pic”

From Jeff: “haha thats absurd! i gota c that” and “I cant bdlieve u havemt visited!”

From Jimmy: “Hey who’s this? I lost my phone a few weeks ago and don’t have your number in my new one.” and “Ah – that’s sweet about vanilla ice!”

From Eddie: “Ice ice baby…dun dun dah da dun da da dun dun…haha. Thats great. Glad u having a gd time.”

From Jaime: “Oh my god thats amazing! I cant wait to see!”

From Curran: “That is fucking awesome!”

From Lindsey: “This is kate right if it is that is so great did u c him in texas or here”

From Kara: “Ice ice baby! Sweet! Can’t wait to see it! Quality. maybe we can do an american idol night at your apt this week or something. Let me know!” (Oh, Kara, I only wish I were able to watch American Idol with you this year, or any prime time TV…. :-/)

From Billy: “Cant believe u met vanilla ice thats sick btw truth be told im not much of a republican anymore if ur ever in the big apple gim”

From Kelly Anne: “You have an awesome and ridiculous life. When are you coming to philly to see me?” and “Oh and i want to see the pic! Send it. :)”

I love you guys.