Here are the pictures to go along with that first entry I wrote!

Padre Island from the airplane. I love when you can find actual geographical places that you’re used to seeing on a map! (We flew over Block Island when coming home from Gleetalia, and on the way home from this trip, we circled over Revere Beach and Nahant. I also saw Oak Island in Revere in the middle of the marsh, where my mom grew up.)

Posters from Tricia’s classroom (and Tricia’s hand on the right!) The stories: Juan and the Pinto Bean Stalk and The Three Chicharrones.

Tricia also had pictures of literary words and devices — of course, this one jumped out to me right away. It cracks me up.

This one was pretty funny, too.

SONIC!!! I was so excited to go there!!!!!

Sonic is a drive-in, so you literally drive into a spot when you’re ready to order, and then they bring the food out (sometimes on rollerblades!).

The regular menu, which includes Frito pie, tater tots, popcorn chicken, corndogs, cherry limeades and lots of other delicacies you won’t find at McDonald’s.

The dessert menu — gotta love that chocolate cake sundae!

I made Tricia take this picture of me. This was going to be my facebook picture until I met Vanilla Ice. You’re looking at one very happy girl.

Beth’s apartment building — everything is brand new, beautiful, and did I mention — SO CHEAP IT’S RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

I swear I’ll be writing the Vanilla Ice entry soon….