At work the other day, I was about to take my lunch. It’s new, it’s early, and it’s at 2:00 PM (which is technically a bit late, but I digress….). Most days, I have a bowl of lentil soup, for the nutrients.

I’m used to eating at off-peak times, so I’ve never had to wait for a microwave. I walked up to my usual microwave (#2). It was in use.

Well. I’ll just use the other.

I walked over to microwave #1 and began pulling the aluminum lid off the soup. I stood directly in front of it and pulled. Now, our microwaves are located kind of high up, so it’s not as if I were standing directly in front of it.

At any rate, as I was standing in front of it and taking the lid off, a girl opened the microwave and put her rice in.

What the fuck?! I was standing RIGHT THERE, presumably ABOUT TO USE THE MICROWAVE. I mean, if the roles were reversed, I would have asked her if she were about to use it, expecting the answer yes, and would retreat gracefully.

She had put it in for two minutes, so I silently glowered and walked over to microwave #2.

A minute or so later, microwave #2 stopped, and the girl using it took it out. She removed her Lean Cuisine, stirred it, and put it back in. For two more minutes.

I walked back to microwave #1, and about a minute later, the girl with the rice took it out. She stirred it, and it was steaming. She kept stirring it. Stir, stir, stir. Steaming white rice.

“Um….all set?” I asked as politely as possible.

“Nah,” she replied, and then put it in for another minute.


Eventually, microwave #2 was free of Lean Cuisine and I was able to microwave my lentil soup and ingest the nutrients that have been so lacking in my diet since I moved into this new place. It just took a long time to get there.