I should be getting ready to go to my dad’s for Easter, but I had such a vivid dream last night, I had to share it before it leaves me.

I met a guy in a heavily wooded area — kind of like a summer camp. It was warm, and there was sunshine. This guy was REALLY cute, and blonde, surprisingly, considering that I don’t like blonde guys (even when they’re forced on me, Prague-style). He was about 5’9″ or so, had blue eyes, had a great body, had kind of spiky hair, and kind of looked like Blake Lewis from American Idol. But better. And we were doing a lot of making out in those woods….

Then suddenly I was sitting at dinner with my family, awaiting the guy’s visit. We were going away for the weekend, but I hadn’t figured out how to tell my parents yet. I kept my head down. I needed to take a shower to make myself hookup-ready, so I jumped in.

The guy arrived during that time. He came into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain back. I screamed and threw my hands over myself. He smiled and closed it. I did a nearby shot to calm my nerves. I was genuinely freaked out, not just screaming for fun. Then he opened the shower curtain again and gave me another shot, and I blacked out.

I woke up in a hotel room in Cadon, Spain, with the guy and several of his friends, at about 3:00 PM the next day. I don’t know whether a city named Cadon exists or not, but it was purpotedly not too far from the French border and the city of Montpellier. I was disoriented and had no memory of the night before. I knew my parents had no idea where I was. I tried to get online and IM Sarah, but it wouldn’t work. Pictures kept popping up.

The guy told me that I had gone crazy and screamed at my parents the night before, then took off with him. I then realized that he had drugged me with that second shot, and I had been date raped.

I broke out of the hotel, and suddenly I was in Harvard Square. I ran as quickly as I could, trying to outrun the guy and his redheaded friend, and I ended up in a bar on Church Street (probably located around where Fire & Ice is, but it wasn’t Fire & Ice). I screamed for the bartenders to let me call the police, but they were so slow moving. I panicked. In the shadows, I could see the silhouettes of the guy and his friend, and they had somehow ended up in the back of the bar. One female bartender finally let me call, saying she already dialed 911. She seemed pretty exasperated, and said that an ambulance would be coming soon. “I DON’T NEED AN AMBULANCE, I NEED THE POLICE!!” I shrieked.

I waited for the police to pick up. Then someone answered with “Hello?”

“Is this 911?” I asked incredulously.

“Yeah. What do you need?”

I didn’t believe the voice on the line. I thought that the bartender had dialed one of the guys instead of 911. I hung up and ran out of there.

It was daylight and there was snow on the ground. I ran around the square, hiding behind everything I could. I could see the redheaded guy looking for me, and I believed that I had actually gotten past him. Then I saw my friend Meredith. I screamed, “MEREDITH!” over and over until she heard me and waved. A bus pulled over, and she was getting on, so I ran on with her.

Now, we were apparently in France. The bus was tiny and white — a row of four tiny white seats in the front, and that was all there was to it. I squished behind, and the doors came out the back. There was a man and a woman driving, and Meredith sat next to them. I tried to explain everything that had happened in French, but I couldn’t figure out the word for rape.

We drove through the countryside and ended up at the school where Meredith was studying abroad in France. I looked at a map and figured that it was Thursday, I had no hope of getting back for class on Friday, so I might as well make it a long weekend and spend some time in Montpellier before getting back to Florence the old-fashioned way — by bus. Maybe I could spend some time in the Tuscan countryside, too.

That was pretty much it. There was a staircase, and though Taylor Hicks was inexplicably there, neither the rapist nor his friend were there.

And that was it.