One of my favorite travel books is Lonely Planet’s Bluelist 2007. This book is for serious travelers who have already done a lot of traveling and want to explore the latest travel trends around the world. The book profiles the top 11 destinations, is filled with crazy lists like “Best Music & Place Combinations” (Hip Hop in NYC; Salsa in Havana; Punk in Tokyo) and “Most Deserted Islands” (Australia’s Ball’s Pyramid leads the list on that one). There is also an in-depth section on “Dark Tourism,” a new phenomenon, in addition to the GoList, the top new exotic 30 destinations, and short profiles on every country in the world.

I went through the book and checked off everything I’ve done. Here are the results:

Top 11 Destinations:

3) USA
4) Italy
6) Britain
7) Canada
8) France


9) The Middle of Somewhere: Find a place that takes you away from it all
–Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy
–Petrin Hill, Prague, Czech Republic

10) Best Places to Wed
–Tuscany, Italy

11) Great Literary Itineraries
–Florence, Italy (A Room with a View — haven’t read it)
–Los Angeles, California, USA (Charles Bukowski — haven’t read his stuff)
–Rouen, France (Madame Bovary — haven’t read that either!)

12) Tourists Traps Worth the Crowds
–Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic
–Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
–Florence, Italy
–Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

18) In Search of Great People
–Kafka in Prague, Czech Republic

22) Best Journeys
–Floating in a Gondola in Venice, Italy
–Riding the Subway in New York City, New York, USA

25) Tiny Countries Packing a Big Punch
–Monaco (1.95 sq. km)

27) Best Travel Gadgets
–Digital Camera
–MP3 Player/iPod

29) Best Value Destinations
–Czech Republic

32) Paranormal Travel
–Stonehenge, England

39) Bluelist Online Winners’ Lists
A) How to Get There Without Really Going There
–London, England = India
–San Francisco, California, USA = China
–Boston, Massachusetts, USA = Ireland
–New York City, New York, USA = The World

B) Best Places to People-Watch
–The Louvre, Paris, France

C) World Senses: Smells
–Coffee in Italy

As for the Golist, here are the thirty hottest destinations of this very moment (only one of which I have visited):
–Alaska Highway
–Brooklyn, New York, USA (have visited!)
–Central Bulgaria
–Northeast Cambodia
–Cartagena, Colombia
–Cornwall, England
–Danube Delta, Romania
–Ilha de Santa Catarina, Brazil
–Northeast India
–Southern Laos
–Maluku, Indonesia
–La Mosquitia, Honduras
–Namibia and Botswana
–New Mexico, USA
–New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
–Northern Ireland
–Oriente, Ecuador
–Northern Patagonia, Chile
–Portland, Oregon, USA
–Puglia and Basilicata, Italy
–San Sebastian
–Somaliland, Somalia
–Tohoku, Japan
–Xinjiang, China

This book will make ANYBODY dream about travel.