Okay. I swear I’ll get to writing about Bob Saget soon. But first:

My sister and I decided to get brunch in the South End this past Sunday, since that’s just about the only way we can afford to eat there. The menu at Masa looked awesome and awesomely cheap (everything under $10.00!), so we made that our destination.

We had a lovely meal (I had the Santa Fe Eggs Benedict, on a biscuit with avocado and salsa, and Sars had the “holy diabetes” fried Texas Toast stuffed with bananas, then we shared a cherry creme brulee), which was outside on a gorgeous day, and I kept looking at the couple sitting next to us. What struck me was that the guy looked just like Tom Brady, only skinnier, and he was sitting with a girl who was definitely skinny enough to be Gisele, but her hair looked darker and was pulled up in a knot. They were both wearing sunglasses.

“We’re sitting next to Tom Brady and Gisele,” I whispered to Sars. She looked, then laughed. I mean, it looked like them, but would they REALLY be here, in Boston (weren’t they just in Europe?), having brunch al fresco where anyone could see them?

Near the end of our meal, they got up to leave. I then saw that the girl was MUCH shorter than the guy. She was wearing flats, yeah. I thought that Gisele and Tom Brady were pretty close in height. And they weren’t wearing THAT nice clothes. She had nice sunglasses, but those were the only parts of their outfits that looked designer. And Tom was REALLY skinny — too skinny. Couldn’t possibly be him.

Sarah and I enjoyed the rest of our day, walking around in the South End, hanging out in a park, doing some Newbury Street shopping, watching the ducks in the Public Garden and shopping at DSW. I nearly forgot about the Tom and Gisele lookalike couple.


I dropped by my dad’s tonight to pick up some of my summer clothes and have some dinner. I was chattering away, filling him in on everything that had happened in the last few days. “And we probably sat next to Tom Brady in Gisele when we had brunch in the South End,” I said dismissively.

“They were in the South End last week,” my dad replied equally as dismissively.

“WHAT?!” I gasped. “How do you know that?! I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT CELEBRITIES!!”

“He’s always in the South End. He has an apartment in the Back Bay.”

“He lives in BOSTON?!?!”

“Yeah….” My dad gave me a look as if to say, “I thought you knew about this,” with a bit of “I can’t believe neither of my kids turned out to be a sports fan.”

“I don’t think it was him,” I said. “He was really skinny.”

“He IS pretty skinny,” my dad said.

I had always thought that he, being a football player, would be decently big.

“She was short, though,” I added. “Much shorter than him.”

“Yeah, she is,” he replied. “She’s what, 5’11”? He’s 6’6″ or so.”

OH. MY. GOD. (How does he know this stuff?)

“I can’t believe I was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THEM and I didn’t take a picture!” I shrieked. “This is exactly why I always carry my camera around with me!!”

“Come on. Let them live!” he chided me.

Well, there you go.

What do you think? Was it them? Has Gisele’s hair been darker lately? And have we found the REAL source of my love of celebrity gossip?