Finally, some free time!! Now I can write about last weekend. It started out Saturday night. I got out of work, met up with Lisa, and we went to Pizzeria Regina for dinner (love it!). It was then that Lisa gave me my gift.

A shirt with a hand-drawn cartoon image of Bob Saget, emblazoned with the words DANNY TANNER WAS NOT GAY…..(like Dave Coulier).

Saget was in town, and we were going to see him! We had been planning this for a while and were excited. Lisa is one of those people who watched Full House every day when she was little (I was more of an America’s Funniest Home Videos girl and got into Full House later in life), so she had idolized Danny Tanner from a very early age.

Walking through the streets with those shirts was a bit weird, since we really didn’t want to give off a homophobic vibe, but we got the stares and the occasional dagger eyes (yep, I’m talking to you, Indian girl on Cross Street). Times were good — we walked past a bachelor party, the groom in a plaid suit with one leg missing! But the best moment was when we began running across the street, trying to get across before the number got to 1. We were crossing Congress Street and a girl in front of us paused on the island between the lanes. There was approximately one second left, so Lisa BODY-SLAMMED THIS GIRL and threw her out of the way so she could run across the street in time!!!

We met up with my friend Curran at the Beantown Pub, along with his girlfriend, her roommate and the roommate’s boyfriend. After a quick drink, we went in — and that’s when Lisa and I started getting the genuine admiration for our shirts.

Bob was fantastic. Here are my favorite quotes:

Guy in Audience: “WHERE’S UNCLE JESSE?”
Warm-Up Guy: “Uncle Jesse’s in the back getting high with the Wu-Tang Clan.”

Bob: “Now, do any women here enjoy poop jokes?”
Bob: “You are HOT.”
Lisa: “Bob Saget said you were hot.”

Bob: “I would always say, ‘Motherfucker,’ in front of my dad, and he would go, ‘That’s right, I fucked your mom!'”

Bob (describing how he and John Stamos witnessed a car accident): “So he calls 911, and he’s all like, ‘This is Uncle Jesse from Full House! I need an ambulance! I have great hair, I’m Greek!”

Bob: “Dave Coulier shaves his balls, you know that? Inevitably, there’s always someone who’s seen me who goes to see his comedy act, and someone yells out, ‘You shave your balls!’ and he goes, ‘I’m gonna kill Bob.'”

Bob: “Tell me why — they lived in San Francisco
Tell me why — they went through lots of….Crisco
Tell me why — I never slept with Dave Coulier
But Kimmie Gibbler got it THIS way!”

Bob also LOVES South Park, and told the story about when he and his daughter saw an episode that HE was featured in:

Announcer: “Welcome back to America’s Funniest Home Videos.”
Bob: “FUCK.”
Bob’s daughter: “SHIT.”
Bob: “Watch your mouth!”
South Park Bob: “Uh, knock knock….uh, who’s there….uh, Bob….uh, Bob who?….uh, Bob Saget….”
**Crickets chirping**
Cartman: “This guy sucks as bad as the guy from Full House.”

For most of it, though, you really had to be there….but I loved his act. Yeah, he was dirty, but he wasn’t as dirty as I expected him to be. He honestly used about the same level of profanity that I do with my friends. You could tell that he really appreciated all of us being there to see him. It wasn’t fake, the way it is with so many people — he really appreciated us.

I loved that the audience was primarily people our age. We truly are the Full House/America’s Funniest Home Videos generation! And once we left, people LOVED our shirts and kept coming up to talk to us.

Lisa and I hung out for a while, trying to meet Bob in person, but the Orpheum people (a random assortment of old people and little kids) kicked us out, and we missed him. Lisa and I got a couple drinks at a nearby bar, and we left for the night.

The next morning, I ran into my roommate Christie outside the Davis station, and she told me that at the Guster concert at the Opera House where she was last night, Bob made a quick appearance!

That morning, I met up with Sars and we walked to the South End to have brunch at Masa. You can see much more about brunch in the entry below, when I thought we were sitting next to Tom Brady and Gisele.

After brunch, we strolled down Tremont Street and later Columbus Ave, just checking everything out and enjoying the GORGEOUS weather. Having brunch outdoors was just fantastic! We hung out in a park for a while (and watched an otherwise sleepy bassett hound go ballistic on an ordinary-looking guy, convincing us that he was some kind of sex offender or other evil kind of person). I would love to live in the South End — it would be my first choice, if I could live anywhere in Boston. Ideally, in a brownstone off Dartmouth (so it would be close to the T) between Tremont and Columbus. Perfection. And I never noted it, but I decided that I really do not want to live in Beacon Hill. Too similar to Fairfield.

(Also, speaking of Fairfield, I’m going to the Pops concert this Wednesday!!!! Very exciting.)

We walked down Newbury Street, did some browsing at the stores, hung out in the Public Garden and later went shoe shopping at DSW, where I ran into one of my former coworkers. Overall, it was just a really, really nice day, with incredible weather, and a perfect opportunity to spend time with my lil big sis. She’s so busy that we don’t have a lot of time to spend together, but when we do, we always have the best time. We can just walk together and not say anything, and it won’t be uncomfortable or weird.

On Monday, my day off and an even better, hotter day (in the eighties! In April!), my friend Andy started IMing me and asking me to do this iPod audio tour of Boston with him. Now, anyone who knows me knows that my absolute biggest pet peeve is LOOKING LIKE A TOURIST, especially in my own hometown or one of my adopted towns (Paris and Florence). So I kept refusing and refusing and refusing, and he kept getting on my case. I eventually agreed.

And you know what? Parts of it weren’t that bad.

I really did hate standing in front of a monument in front of a busy street, just listening, but the more secluded areas were nice. And there were a lot of interesting facts to learn — for example, who knew that HO CHI MINH was a PASTRY CHEF at the OMNI PARKER HOUSE?!?!?! I had no idea.

So we spent some time walking around the waterfront afterward, and it was just a PERFECT day in terms of weather. With all that heat, humidity and sunshine, I’m as happy as a clam. It puts an extra bounce in my step and makes me feeling like dancing, I’m so happy!

Which makes yet another argument for moving to a warmer climate….

Not yet, though. I think I’m going to be in Boston for some time.

Next is the Glee Club Pops concert on Wednesday, and I’m so excited for that. I switched shifts with a few of my coworkers so I’ll have Wednesday off and I won’t come in on Thursday until 2:00 PM, which will give me enough time to come home. I’m staying with James and Mike, as usual! It should be a really exciting and fun time.