There was a survey on Bootsnall that I rescued from the archives a few pages back. I’m surprised it wasn’t further up — I thought that a lot more people would be responding to it! The survey has you pick out the best places from where you’ve been. Here’s mine:

Best City: Paris (cliche, but it’s always been my city from the first moment I visited)

Best Nightlife: Montreal

Best place for live music: Rome (at the Spanish Steps)

Best Beach (for people watching): Venice Beach in Los Angeles

Best Beach (for chilling): Weird choice, since the “beach” is slabs of rocks, but Faro in Capri

Biggest Surprise (good): Switzerland

Biggest Surprise (bad): Venice

Friendliest People: Ireland, anywhere

Least Friendliest People: France, anywhere touristed

Most Livable City: For me, Paris (minus the high cost of living). Runner-ups are Boston, Rome, San Francisco, Nice, London and Washington, DC.

Best place to party: Prague

Best City for Walking: Boston

Best Beer: CZECH REPUBLIC by a landslide!

Worst Beer: Italy

Best Skyline: New York City

Best Food: Italy, especially Florence or anywhere in Tuscany. (Best desserts: Hungary, hands down.)

Worst Food: Czech Republic (I need my veggies)

City with the best backdrop: San Francisco

Best Looking People: Northern Italy (I like em tall, dark and skinny)

Dullest City: Milan (at least from my experiences there)

I’d like to hear what the rest of you think. Do you agree or disagree with these choices?