Wow. I got a huge response from the entry below, written about my personal quest to eradicate grammar errors in the city of Boston, one incorrect advertisement at a time. It was a bigger response than I expected.

Some liked it; some pointed out other errors I had made within the message, or simply said that it was “bad.”

But at any rate, here are some of the responses:

“Grammar Nazis” on BuzzfeedBuzzfeed is a site that picks a commonly blogged-about term, like “Fake Hogzilla,” “Japanese Beer for Kids” or “Celebrity Baby Weight.” My friend Andy submitted my entry to Buzzfeed, and guess what? It’s #1 in the list of eight blog entries! (For the record, it keeps switching back and forth between #1 and #2, but it’s still pretty exciting.) Because of that, my blog traffic shot way up.

“Grammar Nazis” on Thought Press — My friend Andy wrote his own commentary on my entry. Check out the rest of his blog, too, which focuses on news, trends and technology.

“Calling All Grammar Nazis!” on Bootsnall — I spend a lot of time on Bootsnall, which is an excellent online travel community. I find it to be great place for all kinds of discussions, including non-travel discussions, because I’ve found the people on Bootsnall to be very intelligent, educated, wordly and open-minded. This isn’t exclusive to all travel communities — on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree, for example, there are far more casual travelers, while Bootsnall is strictly for serious travelers.

Anyways, I posted my blog entry and got plenty of responses. Check it out.

I’ve also received a lot of comments via facebook, where I import my blog, and Lisa has taken to calling me the “Grammar Vandal.”

I don’t mind that title one bit!