Oh God, I’m so far behind. DC was a great time, and since then, this has been my first night at home with nothing scheduled (and no blackout). Yeah, there was a blackout, and it was actually a lot of fun, since my roommate Omni and I went to Dunkin’ Donuts (there was electricity 200 feet away in Cambridge) with the awesome Mormon missionary guys across the street and had a great time….I thought I caused it, having plugged in a brand new air conditioner about ten minutes before the lights went out, and I wasn’t quite sure that I had bought the right type of extension cord….

But yeah. Life is good. And once I have a spare moment, I’ll be getting around to documenting the news of lately.

For now, I have some very big news.

After my Grammar Vandal entry created such a buzz, I decided to create a Grammar Vandal blog. I’ve posted quite a few entries in it so far, so I’m ready to unveil it to the public:


That’s THE Grammar Vandal dot com.

Check it out. I’m very excited about it.

ESPECIALLY since a writer from the Boston Globe is doing a story on me and my grammar vandalism!!!! It will be appearing in the SUNDAY GLOBE (woo!) in mid-July. Of course, I’ll give more details when the time comes.

Thank you, Reebok, for your advertising idiocy — you have created some very good times for this girl.