As you may recall, my roommate Christie will be moving out in mid-August. She is the one who has lived here the longest, so, predictably, she has the largest room. Surina, who has lived here the second-longest, has decided to take Christie’s huge room when she moves out. Since Omni has elected to stay where she is, I have the option of moving into Surina’s room.

I said no at first, just thinking about the effort it would take, but now, I’m starting to think about it. Here are my main considerations:

#1: Quality of Room

Current room: This room is the smallest bedroom in the house (about 10″ by 10.5″). It’s not the nicest room in terms of quality. The closet, however, goes on for DAYS.

Surina’s room: This room is approximately 16″ long, with a slanted wall that goes from 8′ wide to 15′ wide. The room is much nicer than mine in terms of quality. The closet isn’t nearly as big.

Overall: Surina’s room is the much better choice. It’s a great room. I can live with a smaller closet, since we have a crazy amount of storage space here.

#2: The Act of Moving

Current room: I wouldn’t have to move anything. It’s clearly the option for the lazy.

Surina’s room: I would have to move everything, which would be a hassle. Getting my bed upstairs was HORRIBLE the first time around, and I really don’t want to ask my family to help me with that again. I would need to get help moving the bed, the desk, the dresser and the TV. That may require asking my nearest and dearest male friends, or paying some friends of friends. However, I think moving it would be easier this time around, since the ceiling is higher and there isn’t an S-curve like at the front entrance.

Overall: Keeping my current room would be the easiest option, but then again, everything will be over once I move in.

#3: Room Location Issues

Current room: I live right above the landlords’ bedroom, and because of that, I’m held to strict noise rules that I won’t discuss here. I live right outside the kitchen, which I love because it’s so convenient.

Surina’s room: I would be next to Omni’s bedroom. The noise rules wouldn’t be as strict, but I would feel bad about keeping her awake with TV or waking her up with my alarm. I would be further away from the kitchen.

Overall: It’s a mixed bag. I’m not quite sure which would be the better option.

I think that the biggest problem would be moving my bed upstairs, as well as getting people to help me with that. Moving it before was pure HELL and, six months later, I still have a scar on my knuckle from that day.

I need some advice on this one.

Help me out!