A few months ago, I was given a very obvious lesson in karma. I was making fun of Andy for wearing crocs. Personally, I think that crocs are the ugliest shoes ever made, and I HATE when ugly things become trends!! Andy kept going on about how comfortable they were, and I kept rolling my eyes.

Then I got up, took a step, and the heel of one of my my beloved, beloved black Bandolino boots snapped off.

Karma, karma, karma.

I loved those boots. They had been with me for so long — from high school Dramafests through so many nights of clubbing in bella Firenze. Those boots were a part of me. They were fantastic — they had a perfect 3″ heel and felt like wearing nothing. They were sleek, slender and black as night. Perfect.

It’s been tough being without them.

Anyways, that was five months ago. Times have changed. I’ve tried being a little nicer, and I can DEFINITELY say that I’ve been being nicer to Andy lately. 🙂

On Saturday night, after dinner out at Martsa on Elm with Beth, Amy and Janelle, we went to Davis Square’s nicest consignment shop, Poor Little Rich Girl. We tried on some goofy dresses and ogled purses and accessories.

And then I saw them.

Black Bandolino boots.

Barely worn.

3″ heels.

SIZE 7.5.

I tried them on, and they fit like a dream. I was elevated to my perfect height, and my feet felt fantastic. Best of all, they look hardly worn and were only $34.00. I’m no fool (despite what Sars may say), so I bought them right away.

I love them.

They’re not perfect. They’re not smooth like the others — they have a slight, almost reptilian texture to them. The toes aren’t squared off, and the heel is more narrow.

But these are my beloved, beloved black Bandolino boots, and I love them.

This has been a valuable lesson. I’m now trying to think before saying something that could be hurtful — not just because I’m looking out for myself, but because I don’t want to hurt anyone. These boots are a second chance.