What have I accomplished at 22?

So much less than at 21!

I moved into my first (real) apartment. That’s big.

I’m doing well financially. I’m doing well emotionally. In the past year, I got everything I wanted in my current position at work. I traveled to new places, like Quebec City and Texas.

We’ve been interviewing prospective roommates for the past week (and we’ve found one! More on that later.), and as we got to know them, I felt like such an underachiever. These girls were either top students, going into the best graduate programs at Tufts, or they were noble, working for nonprofits and changing the world. (Maybe it’s a Somerville thing. I have the feeling that you wouldn’t see as much of that in Allston-Brighton. Although I know many intelligent and driven people who live there, it seems to be more of a party-and-drink town.)

It doesn’t help that two of my roommates will have their Ph.D.s a few years from now.

And here I am, just a regular girl living in the city near where she grew up, working an average job.

However, there have been successes.

The biggest success is my most recent success: The Grammar Vandal. I still can’t believe that I got profiled by the Boston Globe and I got to do an interview on NPR, and I get fan mail every single day! It’s wonderful.

It’s been a wild ride. I’m loving every minute of it.

I am now starting a business. I don’t want to say too much until I start doing the actual work and getting actually paid, but this business has the potential to be quite lucrative, and being something that I truly love.

I also have big, big dreams.

I hope to realize one of them, in particular, by the spring of 2008.

I will say more about this later.

Aw….I really liked being 22. I like being 22! I still have a few minutes!

This is the first birthday that I really could have done without. 22 is a great age — a perfect age. And now I’m going to be 23.

Don’t think that I’m upset, though. I’m really happy. I can’t stand it when people bemoan their little problems without realizing how lucky they are.

So, to conclude:

–Age 22: not as successful as 21, but a great year with some accomplishments
–Am a bit sad to not be 22 anymore
–BIG PLANS are in the works, and could be lucrative enough to allow me to realize my dream!