I’ve been wondering something for a while — toward whom are the evangelicals going to throw their powerful support? There hasn’t been a clear candidate so far.

Not Giuliani, that’s for damn sure. He’s too liberal, especially about abortion. He also has just about the worst family values possible — he’s literally estranged from his kids (one of whom is supporting Obama).

Romney has the best family values possible — he loved his wife since he was a teenager and they have five handsome, perfect, married sons and tons of grandkids — but I really don’t think that evangelicals would vote for a Mormon.

Not McCain — it’s too late for him. Not Ron Paul — he’s too progressive.

Maybe Fred Thompson? I could see that happening, actually. I wouldn’t be surprised to be a surge in his popularity.

I’m a liberal independent, and I can’t see myself voting for a Republican (in this election, at least). However, if I had to, I would throw my support behind Paul or possibly Romney.

Anyone but Giuliani.

I found a great piece that Anna Quindlen wrote about the value of a Clinton-Obama ticket, which is becoming quite a likely possibility. It goes without saying that it’s a groundbreaking ticket — she’s a woman; he’s black. However, there’s a lot more to it than that. Here is my favorite quote from the piece:

He would have to decide he would be willing to coexist with a strong woman. But it seems as though he already does that at home. You would have to be willing to let a charismatic man steal some of your thunder, but you do that at home, too. This would be a political marriage of convenience, sure, but one that could excite the country. The president has driven the nation into a ditch, and the American people are standing by the side of the road with their thumbs out.

Check out the rest of it here. It’s really good reading. I would love a Clinton-Obama ticket.

Ugh, I have so much more to say, but The Grammar Vandal and freelance editing and work and everything else are taking up EVERY MOMENT of my life. I miss getting to blog here often.