Today I bought an incredible book: Rough Guides’ Make the Most of Your Time on Earth: A Rough Guide to the World. The book lists 1000 ultimate travel experiences, several paragraphs describing each of them. The book is FAT and HEAVY.

Going through it makes me feel a bit sad — I know that I’ll never be able to accomplish all 1000 of these things. Nobody could. (Some of them are quite long, like hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, and biking the Camino de Santiago, which I hope to walk someday.)

However, I find it quite inspirational, and that is the reason why I read travel books. They give me life. They give me new dreams every day.

For now, here are the experiences that I have already accomplished:

33) On the Fiddle: Attending a Traditional Irish Music Session

I remember a great pub in Dublin with my family — we used to listen to a lot of Irish music when I was little, and to hear it live and enthusiastic and the entire pub getting into it — SO good.

75) Taking a Trip up the Eiffel Tower

Not as good as ascending Notre-Dame.

93) Gathering Friends for a Swiss Fondue

On our last afternoon in Interlaken — we had to do it before we left Switzerland!

101) Impressionist Paintings at the Musee d’Orsay

Three times so far. It’s my favorite museum.

118) Paying your Respects in Normandy

Though I was sixteen and not as mature as I would be today.

210) Finding Yourself on Capri

Finding EVERYTHING on Capri. It has a spell over you — I actually considered living there someday, and except for its beauty and great food, it’s the least me place ever!

215) On the Trail of Caravaggio

I took Italian Baroque Art when I was in Florence, and visited several of Caravaggio’s works in Florence and Rome.

227) The Colosseum in Winter

I was there in March, so that was definitely winter.

248) Getting the Measure of the Medicis: The Uffizi

Twice. Amazing.

265) Doing Penance in the Sistine Chapel

Twice again. Spellbound.

273) Looking for Pasta Heaven

Most memorably at Acqua al’2 with its assagio di primi, or pasta sampler.

279) Venice: Europe’s First Modern City

It is a miracle.

285) Visiting the Home of Pizza

Oh, Italy! I miss you so much!

289) Soothe Your Troubles at Hotel Gellert

Soaked in the Budapest baths, and inadvertently got a boob massage.

530) Choosing the Right Philly Cheesesteak

When there for Glee Club, the Philly natives assisted. It was that black and white place.

532) Visiting Harvard Yard

I was just across from Harvard Yard in the Coop when I first read this book!

565) Lost for Words at the Grand Canyon

When I was nine. Have to return.

567) Getting Lost within the Walls of Vieux-Quebec

Last March with James and Mike! Love Vieux-Quebec.

593) Form a Lasting Impression at Niagara Falls


(Also, I did not cheat at all, though I was tempted. “Gorging on Chocolates in Brussels” and “Have a Beer in Brussels” are on the list, and even though I did both in nearby Bruges, I didn’t count it.)

Altogether, that’s 19, or 1.9%. There is so much left to discover.