Oh my God, this is so disturbing!! Thursday, Oct 25 2007 

If you’re an attractive girl and want to go to one of the World Series games in Boston, you should have no problem whatsoever. There are TONS of ads on Craigslist written by guys looking for a pretty girl to go to the game with them. Most of them are pretty innocent and normal — just guys looking for a girl.

This one that I just came across in the casual encounters section, however (don’t judge!), brings unbelievable to a new level.

Check it out:

I am a young executive male who is visiting Boston. I just got three tickets to tomorrows game and I am looking for women 21 and up who would like to come to the game with me. You must be very good looking and willing to dress provocatively. In addition, I will also pay $500, as well as your expenses, and on top of that I will also pick up a dress for you to wear, we can pick it out together.

Also, after the game if you would like I would be willing to pay extra to spend sometime in my hotel.

Please serious replies only and if you do not attach a pic I will not reply!

Ew. Gross, gross man. Is anyone else picturing Tailor-Made from I Love New York 2?

More importantly, can you imagine the kind of girl who would respond to an ad like this? How could you be SO lacking in self-esteem to do something like this? It’s so completely degrading — from the three girls to the provocative outfits to hotel room….ew.

Guy, let it be known that YOU ARE GROSS and offering a presumatively generous gift of $500 to three different people does absolutely nothing to cover up the fact that you are piece of zit-covered, maggot-infested slimeball on the back of a diseased slug.


Halloween 2007: To Ho or Not to Ho? Tuesday, Oct 23 2007 

I almost cracked. I almost bought a generic slutty costume at that crappy place in Faneuil Hall today.

BUT I DIDN’T. And that’s what’s most important.

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love coming up with a creative costume, dressing up and going out to party. Halloween pictures are always great to have. And back to costumes! I always try to win contests.

My most memorable win was in 2004, when I went as Michael Jackson. That was around the time that he dangled the baby over the balcony, so I wrapped up a doll and threw it around all night. I won a huge TV — the TV that sits in my room today.

Every year, I do something new, and I make my costume myself (usually with help from my mom). The only time I’ve been the same person twice was Britney Spears — but that was Baby One More Time Britney in 1999 and Pregnant Britney in 2005. Very different things.

Anyway, all along, I was planning to be Amy Winehouse, but I wasn’t sure how that would be at the clubs (I hope to go out at least three times for Halloween-related events).


I’m like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls — I put in so much effort to do something original, homemade and different, and I am completely overshadowed by slutty policewomen, slutty prisoners, slutty cavewomen, slutty pirate wenches, slutty firefighters, slutty fairies, slutty ladybugs, slutty Marie Antoinettes….

I was ready to join the boring sluts.

I checked out some costumes in Faneuil Hall.

Nothing spoke to me.

On the way to the Garment District, I had a flash of inspiration. What if I could have two Amy Winehouse costumes — one casual, authentic Amy Winehouse, and one completely slutty Amy Winehouse?

–Casual Amy Winehouse is completely authentic and will give me a chance to get every detail correct. I can do that at work.
–Slutty Amy Winehouse is not accurate at all, but it will allow me to outdo those generic sluts in so many ways. That is definitely my club outfit.

Garment District was AWESOME! I love that place. I ended up buying everything I need for BOTH Amy Winehouse costumes.

For both:
–Awesome Beehive/Elvira wig
–Black eye makeup, black eyelashes
–Black tooth wax to black out her missing tooth
–Tattoos drawn on with PERMANENT MARKER. Yep, I’m going to be hardcore.
–Maybe coke under the nose? Handle of vodka?

Casual Amy:
–Black tank top
–Stovepipe jeans
–Old, worn-out ballet slippers (from my ballet days in Florence!)

Slutty Amy:
–Multicolored lingerie top
–Short, tight black skirt with metal decoration
–Black thigh highs with fishnet detailing in the back
–Black leather Mary Janes (I am no longer going out in heels)

About being on slutty on Halloween….

It’s strange. You’d think that being a feminist, I would be against it, saying that women do this just to get attention from guys, since there’s no other way to do so.

But that’s not true. Even though my costumes have been creative, a bunch of them (not including Michael Jackson) have been slutty as well.

I’m just against the lack of creativity! It’s time for you to SHINE! Be slutty, but be creative!

I hope that when I go out this year, I see new innovations in slutty costumes….like slutty Condoleezza Rice. Now, THAT would be great.

What a deal! Wednesday, Oct 17 2007 

The other night, I went to go visit my friend Carissa’s new apartment, which is right by Malden Center. (WHAT an apartment, first of all! My friends all have the coolest places!

Oh, my God. I just realized that it’s true. ALL OF MY FRIENDS HAVE THE COOLEST PLACES.
–Jen has that huge, gorgeous apartment in the Back Bay.
–Alexa has that apartment with the giant TV, the beautiful lobby and the awesome gym.
–Beth, Tricia and Andrea have that huge, awesome, brand new place in Texas for $300 a month each!!!!

But keep in mind that I absolutely LOVE my place. If we had a dishwasher, it would be perfect!!)

But I digress.

The four of us (me, Carissa, Lisa and Carissa’s friend Callie) went to dinner at the Pearl Street Station. The restaurant is a reasonably priced restaurant with great pizzas and other classic American fare.

But you won’t believe just how far we stretched our dollar.

Between the four of us, we had:

–One martini/cocktail each
–One order of chicken fingers, shared
–Two large salads: one regular, one Greek, both shared
–One extra large margherita pizza, shared
–One giant chocolate volcano, shared
–Our waitress was great, and we tipped her 25%.

So, how much did we each spend altogether?


For all that food AND a 25% tip.

I am completely serious.

We stayed around long enough to learn that a Red Sox playoff game and karaoke in the same location DO NOT mix.

Go visit the Pearl Street Saloon — they have awesome pizza and $5.95 martinis. What could be better?

The Time Traveler’s Wife has been cast!!!!! Saturday, Oct 6 2007 

I am so excited about this, I have to blog it right away.

The film adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife, one of my absolute all-time favorite books, has been cast!

Clare Abshire — Rachel McAdams

This had been rumored for quite some time. I’m glad. She looks quite a bit like how I imagined Clare, and I respect her talent. She better have red hair.

Henry DeTamble — Eric Bana

OH MY GOD!!!! I was really hoping for Billy Crudup, but could it be — COULD it be — that there’s somebody better?!?! He will be PERFECT as Henry! He’s an incredible actor, too. This makes me SO happy!!


Gomez (a.k.a. Jay Gomolinski) — Ron Livingston (rumored)

This is strange, but good.

Gomez is supposed to be a blonde guy with a pompadour. That is NOT Ron Livingston.

However, I cannot stand Ron Livingston, and it has nothing to do with him. He played Berger on Sex and the City, and I absolutely detested Berger. I wanted to kill off that character!! (It didn’t help that I dated a guy just like him — he would get snipey and rude when you did better than him at something, and he could be surprisingly MEAN and even downright cruel when he wanted to be.)

I don’t think other women hate Berger as much as I do, but if they do, the Sex and the City fan base is the same demographic as fans of The Time Traveler’s Wife. I already know that Ron Livingston can make himself seem like an arrogant prick once you get to know him, but surprisingly cool-seeming on the outside. That’s Berger. If Ron Livingston can bring that to Gomez, he would be PERFECTLY cast.

Except for the blonde pompadour.

Charisse — Jane McLean (attached)

I google imaged her and she’s definitely not Filipino, but Charisse’s ethnicity wasn’t an important part of the story. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Charisse were largely cut out of the screenplay. She looks nice, and she’s British, apparently.

There are so many moments for which I cannot wait….

–When Henry finds out about the guy who assaulted Clare and she’s wearing the trench coat, big sunglasses and red lipstick, like she’s in an old movie. And then they go to kill him.

–When Henry and Clare have their first time. 🙂

–This is a terrible part, but when Henry has his first violent appearance and disappearance while the rest of them (including Henry from the present) are having dinner.

Awwwww, I am so excited for this!!!! ESPECIALLY Eric Bana! Oh, he is going to be PERFECT!! He has the perfect look: a rough yet attractive and very sexy librarian (but sexy in his own way), and he partied away his twenties and was a total asshole to women, so you have to be able to hate him, too. And then he meets Clare for his first time (and her thousandth time) and everything falls into place.