The other night, I went to go visit my friend Carissa’s new apartment, which is right by Malden Center. (WHAT an apartment, first of all! My friends all have the coolest places!

Oh, my God. I just realized that it’s true. ALL OF MY FRIENDS HAVE THE COOLEST PLACES.
–Jen has that huge, gorgeous apartment in the Back Bay.
–Alexa has that apartment with the giant TV, the beautiful lobby and the awesome gym.
–Beth, Tricia and Andrea have that huge, awesome, brand new place in Texas for $300 a month each!!!!

But keep in mind that I absolutely LOVE my place. If we had a dishwasher, it would be perfect!!)

But I digress.

The four of us (me, Carissa, Lisa and Carissa’s friend Callie) went to dinner at the Pearl Street Station. The restaurant is a reasonably priced restaurant with great pizzas and other classic American fare.

But you won’t believe just how far we stretched our dollar.

Between the four of us, we had:

–One martini/cocktail each
–One order of chicken fingers, shared
–Two large salads: one regular, one Greek, both shared
–One extra large margherita pizza, shared
–One giant chocolate volcano, shared
–Our waitress was great, and we tipped her 25%.

So, how much did we each spend altogether?


For all that food AND a 25% tip.

I am completely serious.

We stayed around long enough to learn that a Red Sox playoff game and karaoke in the same location DO NOT mix.

Go visit the Pearl Street Saloon — they have awesome pizza and $5.95 martinis. What could be better?