I almost cracked. I almost bought a generic slutty costume at that crappy place in Faneuil Hall today.

BUT I DIDN’T. And that’s what’s most important.

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love coming up with a creative costume, dressing up and going out to party. Halloween pictures are always great to have. And back to costumes! I always try to win contests.

My most memorable win was in 2004, when I went as Michael Jackson. That was around the time that he dangled the baby over the balcony, so I wrapped up a doll and threw it around all night. I won a huge TV — the TV that sits in my room today.

Every year, I do something new, and I make my costume myself (usually with help from my mom). The only time I’ve been the same person twice was Britney Spears — but that was Baby One More Time Britney in 1999 and Pregnant Britney in 2005. Very different things.

Anyway, all along, I was planning to be Amy Winehouse, but I wasn’t sure how that would be at the clubs (I hope to go out at least three times for Halloween-related events).


I’m like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls — I put in so much effort to do something original, homemade and different, and I am completely overshadowed by slutty policewomen, slutty prisoners, slutty cavewomen, slutty pirate wenches, slutty firefighters, slutty fairies, slutty ladybugs, slutty Marie Antoinettes….

I was ready to join the boring sluts.

I checked out some costumes in Faneuil Hall.

Nothing spoke to me.

On the way to the Garment District, I had a flash of inspiration. What if I could have two Amy Winehouse costumes — one casual, authentic Amy Winehouse, and one completely slutty Amy Winehouse?

–Casual Amy Winehouse is completely authentic and will give me a chance to get every detail correct. I can do that at work.
–Slutty Amy Winehouse is not accurate at all, but it will allow me to outdo those generic sluts in so many ways. That is definitely my club outfit.

Garment District was AWESOME! I love that place. I ended up buying everything I need for BOTH Amy Winehouse costumes.

For both:
–Awesome Beehive/Elvira wig
–Black eye makeup, black eyelashes
–Black tooth wax to black out her missing tooth
–Tattoos drawn on with PERMANENT MARKER. Yep, I’m going to be hardcore.
–Maybe coke under the nose? Handle of vodka?

Casual Amy:
–Black tank top
–Stovepipe jeans
–Old, worn-out ballet slippers (from my ballet days in Florence!)

Slutty Amy:
–Multicolored lingerie top
–Short, tight black skirt with metal decoration
–Black thigh highs with fishnet detailing in the back
–Black leather Mary Janes (I am no longer going out in heels)

About being on slutty on Halloween….

It’s strange. You’d think that being a feminist, I would be against it, saying that women do this just to get attention from guys, since there’s no other way to do so.

But that’s not true. Even though my costumes have been creative, a bunch of them (not including Michael Jackson) have been slutty as well.

I’m just against the lack of creativity! It’s time for you to SHINE! Be slutty, but be creative!

I hope that when I go out this year, I see new innovations in slutty costumes….like slutty Condoleezza Rice. Now, THAT would be great.