If you’re an attractive girl and want to go to one of the World Series games in Boston, you should have no problem whatsoever. There are TONS of ads on Craigslist written by guys looking for a pretty girl to go to the game with them. Most of them are pretty innocent and normal — just guys looking for a girl.

This one that I just came across in the casual encounters section, however (don’t judge!), brings unbelievable to a new level.

Check it out:

I am a young executive male who is visiting Boston. I just got three tickets to tomorrows game and I am looking for women 21 and up who would like to come to the game with me. You must be very good looking and willing to dress provocatively. In addition, I will also pay $500, as well as your expenses, and on top of that I will also pick up a dress for you to wear, we can pick it out together.

Also, after the game if you would like I would be willing to pay extra to spend sometime in my hotel.

Please serious replies only and if you do not attach a pic I will not reply!

Ew. Gross, gross man. Is anyone else picturing Tailor-Made from I Love New York 2?

More importantly, can you imagine the kind of girl who would respond to an ad like this? How could you be SO lacking in self-esteem to do something like this? It’s so completely degrading — from the three girls to the provocative outfits to hotel room….ew.

Guy, let it be known that YOU ARE GROSS and offering a presumatively generous gift of $500 to three different people does absolutely nothing to cover up the fact that you are piece of zit-covered, maggot-infested slimeball on the back of a diseased slug.