The other night, my friends and I planned to grab dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at the Pru(dential Center). Our night out ended up turning into something QUITE unexpected.

Carissa and I were the first ones to meet up, so we walked around the Pru for a bit. We then noticed an event going on at Alpha Omega, one of the high-end jewelry stores. It looked swank — everyone inside was dressed up, there were important-looking hosts standing at the door, and it seemed to be some sort of cocktail party.

As adventurous as I am, I wouldn’t have asked to go in — I felt like a slob. I was wearing jeans and sneakers (I had worn extremely high heels for the past two days and my feet needed a break.) Carissa was wearing a nice dress — she always dresses up. However, I was wearing my big, furry “pimp coat” — and that always makes me look more dressed up than I am.

Carissa and I inched toward the entrance. A few moments later, through the process of simple diffusion, we crashed the party silently, elegantly and nonchalantly.

And what a party it was!

The party was a celebration for Carrera y Carrera, two jewelry designers from Madrid. One of their pieces was recently featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.

There were passed appetizers — NICE passed appetizers, like roasted duck on toast with blackberry chutney, Serrano ham-wrapped parmesan, and spicy fava bean paste on thin potato chips. And amazing pumpkin-white chocolate truffles.

There was the opportunity to hobnob with the rich and elite of Boston. God, everyone was dressed up, rich and seemed somewhat cultured and intelligent….or maybe I was just looking at their clothes.

Best of all, there was an OPEN MOJITO BAR. I am not kidding. Everyone in the room was walking around with a mojito in his or her hand.

We got to try on some of the pieces. Carissa tried on the peacock bracelet:

This bracelet is featured on the cover of the current issue of Cosmopolitan. This is pretty significant, since most Cosmo covers feature subtle accessories or no accessories at all, choosing instead to focus on cleavage and simple clothing. Check it out:

It was SO gorgeous — and there were about seven or eight carats of diamonds.

I tried on one of the peacock rings:

So beautiful. That is about three or four carats of diamonds. I didn’t want to take it off!

Later on, there was a raffle giveaway — a beautiful necklace — which we did not win, sadly. (Lisa had shown up by then.) As the party ended, we grabbed some gift bags on the way out, which included little gold rings to put on our cell phones.

Before we left, though, we met Mr. Carrera himself, the adorable little Spanish man who designed the gorgeous (absolutely GORGEOUS!) pieces of jewelry that were receiving so much acclaim. He didn’t speak English, but I think he understood our ovations.

What a great night.