Breaking: Serendipity 3 Closed by DOH

Eater has rumblings, and our trusty Channel 4 has just confirmed that Serendipity 3, that Upper East Side bastion of desserts and diabetes, has been shut down by the Department of Health. Let’s hope it’s because of some anal plumbing violation and not, y’know, because there are rodents near the Frozen Hot Chocolate.

BREAKING: Serendipty Shut Down By The Department of Health? [Eater]

Update With Bonus Vomit: “In last night’s inspection, the inspector observed a live mouse, mouse droppings in multiple areas of the restaurant, fruit flies, house flies, over 100 live cockroaches.”

Oh, my God! Most of my clients are in New York, and I send them to Serendipity 3 all the time. It’s a really nice dessert place, and it’s great for post-theater, for romance and for families….

Over 100 live cockroaches?!?! Holy crap!! I’ve worked in restaurants before, and if you have, you know that no matter what, even in fine dining establishments, pests will find their way in. But over 100 live cockroaches?!?!

This may be the beginning of the end of Serendipity 3….