I was on the red line back to Davis tonight when I began listening to the conversation of two guys next to me. They were cute, scruffy, college-aged guys, probably Tufts students.

They started out talking about relationships, and it escalated more and more — it turned into full Sex and the City talk! Among two scruffy college guys! I pretended to be listening to my iPod and eavesdropped on their conversation instead.

Guy 1: “How long have you been going out with Caroline?”
Guy 2: “Oh, man, two months.”
Guy 1: “How’s that going?”
Guy 2: “I don’t know. I mean, she’s great and all, but I just wake up feeling shittier and shittier each day.”
Guy 1: “Oh, that’s not good, man.”
Guy 2: “It’s like we both wished that this would be the greatest thing ever. I just hold and and I know this isn’t going to work.”
Guy 1: “No way.”
Guy 2: “It’s weird, you know? It’s like we go to stuff together, and we’re just there. We just BE together. We don’t do stuff with each other. We try, and there’s just this distance.”



Guy 1: “It was weird. I was at the party and I was walking down the stairs. And then this girl who has been after me forever, she tapped me on the back of the shoulder, and I ignored her, so BAM! She slapped me in the head! Twice! What the fuck, man!”

Even later:

Guy 2: “You need the three S’s. Girls are only two of the following: sexy, sane or single. Man, if you get one of those two, you’re lucky.”

They were great — they made the train ride so much fun.