Me: “I don’t know why my friend Lisa wants to see this movie. She hates Disney.”

Jackie: “Well, it’s supposed to be really cool, with the animation turning into real life.”
Me: “Yeah, I don’t think that’s enough to convince her.”
Jackie: “It’s supposed to be great for all ages.”
Me: “Still, I don’t know….”
Jackie: “McDreamy’s in it.”
Me: “THAT’S the reason!”
Lisa is a huge fan of Patrick Dempsey and Grey’s Anatomy, so I’m not surprised that this was the reason she wanted to see it so badly!

Personally, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I’m not a fan of kids’ movies, family movies or anything rated PG or G (I haven’t even seen any of the Shrek movies, Finding Nemo or The Incredibles!). I only go when my friends drag me.
I did know that Amy Adams would be great. She is phenomenally talented. I first saw her in Junebug two Oscar seasons ago, and she was INCREDIBLE. She lost the Oscar to Rachel Weisz for The Constant Gardener, but she picked up virtually every critic’s prize.
Amy is so ebullient, so genuine, and so damn LIKABLE that you can’t help but adore her.
And she was the highlight of this movie as Gisele, a fairy tale princess in an animated Disney world, who is tricked by an evil queen and sent to modern Manhattan. Gisele still has all of her princess tendencies, including randomly breaking out into song and dance (in a great scene in Central Park) and summoning the animals of the city to clean Patrick Dempsey’s apartment: only since it’s New York, the animals are pigeons, rats and COCKROACHES!!
I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it. Yep, it definitely gets saccharine, it’s shamelessly predictable, and the final major conflict at the end is disappointing. But it was charming and lovely, and Amy Adams is pure joy.
I guess I can enjoy a sweet kids’ movie after all!