I remember the day that Google Street View came out. My co-workers and I pretty much spent the entire day looking at pictures of the Las Vegas Strip, all of our restaurants in New York, and the places in San Francisco where Mrs. Doubtfire was filmed (well, at least that was me).

Now, they’ve finally added Boston.


Not only do they cover Boston with extensive detail, they also have all of Somerville (yes, including my house, but I’m not going to put that on here!). And not only that — they actually have my house in READING on there. (Not posting that, either, for obvious reasons.) They only took pictures of a small eastern portion of Reading, but they got the home in which I grew up!

The best part was seeing the area outside my office in Boston.

Check it out:

Yep, those would be four of my co-workers, just chillin’ outside, one of them wildly gesticulating at the camera!

There is so much that I want to put up on here, but I don’t want to attract any stalkers. For now, I’ll keep it simple, and I’ll post my dream address:

A brownstone on Union Park in the South End.

Yeah, that’s where I’d love to live someday.

Growing up, there were always three kinds of homes I wanted: a Victorian, a brownstone, and a purple triple-decker. (I was about six, spent a lot of time in triple-decker-filled Lynn and Revere, and thought that a purple triple-decker was the best kind of house you could possibly have.)

I’ve never lived in a Victorian, and my place now is kind of close to but not quite a triple-decker. Maybe a brownstone is next.

In the meantime, I’m very excited about Street View and I plan to do a bit of a project with it later! Ariadne’s Thread is coming….