When did Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties become so popular? I’ve heard of so many in the Boston area, especially this weekend. My friend Lisa ended up thowing one of her own. Here are some of the pictures:

Survivors of Reading High — most of the group

The Brood — me, Beth, Alexa and Lisa. Still the hottest hos in any room.

Beth receives her Yankee Swap (a.k.a. Evil Christmas) gift from me — Chia Shrek! I couldn’t resist. She didn’t trade it.

Lisa opened the onion dip and it splattered all over my eyelashes.

Hott Girlz. My sister Sars (second from left) actually wore a Christmas sweater that belonged to my grandfather — and it’s at least 50 years old. 50!!

I also loved Beth’s combination of her mom’s Christmas vest, her dad’s Christmas tie and a cheesy Christmas t-shirt. I wore a sweater that my mom has worn since the 80s.

Overall, it was a great time — and it makes a great holiday party theme!