“You know people who have that gene for them to hate broccoli?  Well, they also have the same gene for hating sugar-free mocha.  I’m positive of it.  Don’t you think so?”
–Davis Square Starbucks barista

After the very friendly barista at my local Starbucks — one whom I didn’t recognize — asked this question, she began to go on and on about how different people have different genes that have them like and dislike certain flavors.

There were two people waiting at the counter for their drinks.  The guy was sipping from a little sample cup.

“Tastes like Dimetapp,” he said.

“Are you kidding?!” I cried.  “Dimetapp is the BEST THING EVER!  I used to look forward to getting sick when I was little, just so I could take some Dimetapp!”

“Now,” said the barista, “what you’re drinking is sugar-free mocha syrup and milk.  That’s it.”

“Ugh, it’s awful!” the guy and his friend yelled.

“Okay,” the barista said, “now that we’re talking about it, you two” — she pointed to me and another guy — “have to try some.”

It was exactly as she said — sugar-free mocha syrup and milk.  And, although I had hardly sense of smell (I’m much better today but still not well), I tried it, and it wasn’t that bad.  It was like chocolate milk made with the store-brand version of Hershey’s syrup.

Definitely not Dimetapp, though.

Not bad.  Not bad.