I’m going to New Mexico in 10 days, and I’m so excited!

I am SO HAPPY to be going on vacation, FINALLY!!  I have a WHOLE WEEK off from work, which has never happened at my job (and I’ve been there over a year and a half).  NINE DAYS AWAY FROM THE OFFICE!!

I’ve taken a few trips — to Quebec and Texas last March, and to DC last June — but each of those were only for a few days, and I haven’t taken off more than a day at a time since then.

I’m going with my mom, who was planning this trip for a while and invited me along spontaneously.  One of her best friends, Roz, moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico in quasi-semi-pre-retirement.  My mom has visited her a few times and she absolutely LOVES it there.

Las Cruces is located in the south of the state.  It’s a fertile valley in the middle of the desert, and the city is home to New Mexico State University.

We will be flying into Albuquerque, in the north of the state, and road tripping down so we can see more of the state, including the white sands reservation and Santa Fe (I hope!).  All of the family vacations I’ve ever had (excluding camping) were always go-go-go, do it all, pack as much into as little time as possible.  This is going to be relaxing.  And I need to relax, especially in a warm, dry desert climate!