I went out to the Hong Kong in Boston this evening.  It’s one of my favorite dive bars.  The occasion was that my friend and former co-worker had left our company and she was celebrating with friends.

As I got there — at around 9:30 PM or so — there was one girl in the group who was substantially more drunk than the rest of us.  She was GONE, and it was pretty early in the evening.  She hadn’t paced herself.

Yet again, I have a horrible cold.  When she reached out to shake my hand, I gave her a wave, a thumbs-up and a Japanese bow, as I didn’t want to shake her hand.  She seemed to be seriously offended nonetheless.

The next hour was normal.  We hung out; we ate the Hong Kong’s signature Chicken-On-A-Stick-For-A-Dollar, and we had a good time.  This girl had a good time.  Then I mentioned that Martin Scorsese had a recent casting in Boston.  God, if I had only known a day in advance!  He was looking for women to be extras as nurses — and women with natural hair, no highlights!

I haven’t gotten highlights or dyed my hair since I was 17!  I was a perfect candidate to be in Martin Scorsese’s latest film!

Anyway, I talked about Massachusetts’ new and prominent role in the film industry, and we had a great conversation.  Then, the girl had to speak up:

“You look like a piece of shit.”

“Excuse me?” I said.

“I said that you look like a piece of shit.  Your hair looks like a piece of shit.”

I was dumbfounded.  “Don’t you know that that’s a mean thing to say to someone?”

“You look like a piece of shit.”

She then proceded to tell my friend Michelle’s boyfriend, Tim, that she liked him but she didn’t liek me and Michelle.

God, can you believe the nerve?  And, apparently, she hadn’t had very much to drink.  My friend, Holly, told me that she and her boyfriend had broken up recently, and she had been acting out in reaction to the boyfriend.  He never treated her well.

Seriously, though, does that make it an excuse for her to turn on the rest of us, including me, a girl she hadn’t met until this evening?

Watch what you drink.

After that incident, my friends and I were so disgusted that we headed to Boston Rocks.  I had never been to Boston Rocks before, but it fit my expectations — largely suburbanites who make their annual trip to the clubs in Boston.  Good music, though — we had the best time singing DMX’s “Party Up”!  “Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind, up in heah, up in heah…”

Earlier in the evening, I had to literally pull her off the bouncer.  She kept hugging him, jumping on him, wrapping herself around him.  And he kept signaling us to pull her off him so he could do his job.


We’re too old for that.