I got to experience the wonder that is Trivia Night at Johnny D’s in Davis Square.  I knew that there would be teams, and I knew that they would have names, but these names were FANTASTIC:

  • Will Ferrell’s Big Balls
  • Happily Ever Afterbirth
  • Dorothy Mantooth
  • I’m Barbara F—ing Walters
  • Food & Thug Administration
  • Check Out My Sideburns
  • Vladimir Poontang

Basically, quote any Will Ferrell movie and you’re in.

I’m going next week, and actively competing, and I can’t decide if I want my team name to be Dr. Kenneth Noisewater or the Glory Holes.  Maybe the Glass Case of Emotion or Pete Doherty’s Crack Kittens.  Or R. Kelly’s Underage Lovers.