Most of the travel-obsessed people whom I know clamor at any opportunity to visit a new country, the more exotic, the better.  Unfortunately, those from the U.S. tend to shun U.S. travel a bit, and I know that I’m guilty of this as well.

Even for the most serious, most hardcore traveler, there’s something to enjoy.  And for a traveler like me — someone who loves exciting cities, beautiful landscapes and interesting people — there are plenty of places that I want to see.  I would especially love to road trip for a month or so.

Here are the top 10 places that I want to visit in the United States:

1) Miami.  Specifically, South Beach.  I send a lot of my super-rich clients there, and I just want to experience the dancing, the restaurants, the beach, the Latin culture, the hot Cuban men everywhere…it sounds fantastic.

2) Las Vegas.  Pure decadence.  Dancing all night, eating fantastic food, gawking at the ridiculous, partying like a celebrity (and likely among celebrities).  The shows!  I want to see Wayne Brady!  And rumor has it you can gamble on occasion.

3) Hawaii.  The most exotic place in the 50 states is definitely a place that I want to visit.  I just want to see and experience the stunning beauty of the islands., from the jungles to the beaches.  And I’d love to learn to surf.

4) Southern Utah.  The bright orange and red rock formations in Zion and Bryce National Parks look gorgeous, and I’ve always loved the southwest.  Moab is supposed to be a really great vacation town, too.

5) New Orleans.  It’s always been edgy, and now even more so, but it has such spirit and vitality.  I’d love to check out the music, the architecture and especially the food.

6) Puerto Rico.  It’s technically part of the U.S., and although I’d love to spend time on the beaches, I’d really like to spend time exploring colorful San Juan.  Again, the music, the food, the attractive people…it’s pretty much the same thing everywhere…

7) The Deep South.  I’d love to explore the antebellum mansions of Mississippi and Louisiana and feel the heavy, humid, magnolia-scented air.  You know I love humidity.

8) Chicago!  It’s one of the major cities in the U.S. that I haven’t yet visited, and I have to visit my friend Jen!  And, of course, there’s shopping in the Magnificent Mile, eating at Charlie Trotter’s and doing all of that legendary clubbing until 5:00 AM…

9) San Diego.  I’ve been doing a lot of San Diego for work, and the more I read about it, the more I want to visit it.  I want to surf, check out restaurants in the Gaslamp District, and spend time on the beaches in La Jolla.

10) And yes, it’s lame, but I really want to visit the Mall of America in Minnesota!  IT’S THE LARGEST MALL IN THE WORLD!!