St. Paddy’s Day is one of the many reasons that I am so happy to be living in Boston today.

I don’t have too much to say about the festivities of this year, so I’ll just let this picture speak for itself:

Yeah, that’s me and Lisa with Willie at the Burren in Davis!  Willie from Reading, whom I have known since the first grade!  He moved to my neighborhood a few months ago, so I’ve seen him around from time to time.

I love this picture.  You can see how glad we were to run into each other.

(I also told Surina about the time in the eighth grade when Willie told Lisa that he was going to crucify her and she freaked out until he told her that he meant the wrestling move, not an actual crucifixion.)

Here are the highlights of the night:

  • Lisa and I spent a while talking to a guy who is actually planning a trip to Somaliland!  I have NEVER met anyone who has even heard of Somaliland, let alone planning a trip there!  Somaliland is a region of Somalia that is SAFE, wonderful and so much better than Somalia that it has declared independence — only nobody in the world will recognize it as its own state.  (And how did I find out about this place?  Lonely Planet’s BLUELIST!)
  • I had fun with green eyeliner.
  • Lisa, Surina and I went to Diva for Indian food before our night out and had our usual tasty meal with horrible service.  And I had wonderful coconut and apricot naan.
  • At the Burren, we were sitting right near the ladies’ room and watched a guy walk in by mistake, then come out, holding his hands up in panic.  We laughed for a good ten minutes.
  • We met a guy who teaches science at Parker, one of the middle schools in Reading!  (My sister went there, but Lisa and I went to the other one.)  And he knows our friend who teaches there!
  • Apparently, when a guy walks in with a handlebar moustache, it’s socially acceptable to just point and yell “STAAAAAAAAACHE!”
  • Lisa can jig just as well as her Irish mother!

As always, a great time.  It wasn’t the epic evening that last year was, but it was also a Monday and not a Saturday.  It was relaxing and fun.